What is the Best Smartwatch

Technology will one day rule the world.. literally.. We’re creating technology so advanced it will one day surpass our intelligence and take over the world. Until then… we can wear it on our wrist!

What is the best smartwatch in today’s market? There’s absolutely several great options and I’ll show you the ones I recommend most.

Our list here was developed based on factors such as average consumer reviews, technical quality, battery life, and popularity.

I know you’ll like the smartwatches below.

What is the Best Smartwatch?

Top 5 Smartwatches

After lots and lots of research I’ve narrowed it down to 5 watches. Honestly I’m not even really a watch person, but after doing my research I’m going to get one of these myself!

$ = 1 – 4 for price ranges.






Pebble Smartwatch for iPhone and Android (Black)$$4/5iPhone & Android
Veezy Gear Bluetooth Smart Watch WristWatch Phone Mate For IOS Android Black$4/5iPhone & Android
Samsung Gear S Smartwatch, Black 4GB$$$4.4/5Samsung
Sony Smart Watch SW2 for Android Phones$$4/5Android
Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch - Black (US Warranty)$$$4.1/5Samsung

Which Ones for You?

What is the best smartwatch for you? Well, that can be answered by simply asking 2 questions. Apple or Android and price range? All of use seem to lean towards one operating system over the other, but at least this is a great way to narrow your search results.

Many smartwatches cater to both crowds and have systems for both. If you’re on a budget you can find plenty of great smartwatches under $200. All the watches in our list above are under this price.

Smartwatch Apps

What is the best smartwatch

Since the creation of the smartwatch there’s been development for apps! We all love our apps, but what is the best smartwatch app? Here’s some of my favorites I’ve come across.

Wear Aware – This is a phone finder! How many times do you lose your phone and can’t find it? If you’re like me its probably to often. This great little app installed on your smartwatch will help you locate your phone easily.

At Work – This app lets you keep track of when you punch in and punch out for work. Keeping better track of yours hours spent working. This ones especially useful for small business and freelancers.

Moves – A exercise based app that keeps track of activities. Scheduled walking, etc.. and helps you to get your daily exercise in.

There’s many more apps that keep coming out day after day. The market for smartwatch apps is growing everyday and it’s an exciting field to watch grow.


The question “what is the best smartwatch” in reality is based on opinion, but our list should really help narrow that list down. One thing we all know for sure is for wrist wear smartwatches are the future. Old fashioned watched are quickly becoming the dinosaurs of the industry and it won’t be long before they’re extinct.




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