Watch Dogs 2? Yes Please!

I found the release and feedback of last year’s Watch Dogs to be very intriguing.  There was no gray area in the reactions that I saw, either in the media or in person.  You either loved it or you hated it.  No one said “Oh, it was alright…”  So to see the development studio exec admit to the media that he felt that the game had some flaws had to feel vindicating for most, especially once rumors of a sequel started swirling.  For those that loved it, there might be a sequel!  For those that hated it because it didn’t seem to live up to the hype, they might be working on fixing it and trying again!  Since the gaming world caught hold of it (a senior developer at Ubisoft put Sleeping Dogs 2 on his LinkedIn profile, and then took it down after he realized what an uproar it was causing), the gaming community has exploded with what people want, what they think should be fixed.  It’s made for some quite interesting dialogue.







Some feel that the main character, who was touted before release as the hacker vigilante who you had no choice but to love, should be changed to someone else.  Apparently, those who feel this way think that just about any other character would do, because Aiden seemed to come off as rather boring and bland.  The story as driven by the varied secondary characters and their personalities, and several have been offered up as potential new.  That would be a big move, changing the main character in mid stream, but it has been done and can be done, if done right.  Look at Assassin’s Creed.

Another bone to pick with the game was that the controls were a bit too simple.  That the hacking, once you figured it out, was too easy to perform and get the desired result.  That there was no challenge in getting it just right, like an actual hack would work.  The driving controls have been touted as being entirely too simple as well, that you simply drive past a trap, push a button and boom!  The cops aren’t chasing you anymore.  The running theme seems to be to prefer something a bit more like Grand Theft Auto, where there is an actual challenge and thought that needs to be expended to outrun those cops before they’ll leave you alone and let you get back to what you were lifting, or running over… or killing.

Now, here’s the kicker: Developers have been talking about how a sequel would be handled, yes.  Things that they want to change and do, totally.  But an official announcement that the sequel is planned?  Nope.  So, while anticipation is high for this sequel to actually happen, don’t get too excited.  As we all know, even official announcement doesn’t really mean it’s going to happen in this day and age (see: Silent Hill), but here’s hoping.

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