Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

Have you heard about VR or Virtual Reality?

It’s a new technology that allows you to view in 3D, 360 degrees!

Youtube has the feature for the videos that have been shot in 360-degree view, all you need is a compatible phone and browser, then you’ll need a google cardboard or a more solid glasses set.

Basically, Google cardboard, as its name states, is made in cardboard. There are 2 lenses (one per eye) and a slot to put your phone in. You’ll need the google cardboard app, and one or many of the additional apps you may get on your favorite App Store.

The VR Technology works on IPhone, iPod Touches and Android. the biggest your phone and highest pixel density, the better experience you will get out of this.

Google cardboards are very inexpensive, you can even make your own, or invest in a cardboard one for a couple dollars shipped, or if you want the ultimate experience, you may purchase one like the “SUNNYPEAK” ones. I got them for about 30$ USD from Amazon. They are made in plastic (which is much better than cardboard) and offer variable focus, and a headband and cushions that make your experience more comfortable, and you don’t have to hold them like a google cardboard. You may be wondering “What if I wear glasses?” The model I got will allow you to see it clearly without your glasses! Each eye has a focusable lens that you may adjust to your vision to see clearly.

It’s important to know that for best results it is recommended to calibrate your phone with your viewer; The cardboard app will offer you to do this by scanning the QR code on the side of your viewer.

After this, you may enjoy some music videos, documentaries, games or photos in VR! It’s like you are there, you can look at any direction and the video plays and you feel like you were there!

If you want to give it a try, you can view some examples of viewers you may get below. Just be sure to buy one that matches the size of your phone!

Cardboard ModelMore info about Cardboard

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