Top 10 Scariest Games of All Time

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Almost everyone loves a good scary movie from time to time. A good scary movie will make the hairs on your arm raise up and give you goosebumps.For some reason people just love to get scared! However, does the same scenario work for video games? I think it does!

We’ve been playing games that not only scare us but, let us be the character in the game that’s going through some rather traumatic events. So, here’s my list of the top 10 Scariest Games of All Time!

1. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia is a dark thrilled roamer where you have no combat skills to defend yourself. You must run & hide from the things chasing you. The story line is fine and if you enjoy suspenseful music and creepy things chasing you in the dark then this will be worth giving a shot for you. The game was released September 8, 2010 and is available for $20.

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2. Slender: The Arrival

Known as Slender Man this game does a real good job of keeping you on the edge of your seat. It’s an awesome thrill ride that you’ll enjoy. The game makes great use of ambiance and it’ll keep you scared the entire time! Make sure to try this one alone in the dark.

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3. Alien Isolation

If you enjoy a more futuristic survival-horror this is one I recommend giving a try. The game sets you as Amanda Ripley a woman looking for answers and she ends up discovering more than she bargains for. The attention to detail in this game is also absolutely amazing. Definitely worth giving a shot.

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4. Dying Light

This game has Zombies, Open world, and almost feels like Assassins Creed meets Dead Island. While you’re running around during the day setting your traps & surviving the zombies just remember that shit gets real when the sun goes down. When it’s dark you’re not going to be able to stay safe on that rooftop you’ve been perching on. Zombie can climb at night and they get a lot faster. This games all about surviving the night to see the next sight of day.

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5. The Forest

This is one game I’ve had my eye on for some time. You’re the survivor of a plane crash on a island full of cannibals and you must survive. You can build, craft, and create yourself some shelter. This game has many aspects that a lot of you will really enjoy. Just be careful wondering around at night.. you never know when you’re being watched.

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6. Routine

No health packs, no additional lives! You’re set on a space station where you must figure out what happened to everyone and this game makes doing so hardcore. If you die it seems you’ll have to start all the way over. So, if you enjoy being scared & having a good challenge this may be up your alley.

Watch the Routine Trailer

7. The Evil Within

From the creator of Resident Evil 4 this game is a unique masterpiece. If you liked Resident Evil then you’ll love this game. There’s all kinds of creatures that want you dead in this one. The gruesome details are amazing and the game play is remarkable.

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8. Among the Sleep

This game is very unique as it sets you as a 2 year old so your perspective on everything is rather different. Not to mention the creepy teddy bear that seems to follow you where ever you go.

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9. Asylum

This psychological horror sets you in an institute that’s home for the clinically insane. This game came to life through players supporting it on Kickstarter. So it’s a crowd favorite and has a nice story line to go along with the maze you’ll be going through.

Watch the Asylum Trailer

10. Outlast

Outlast is another Asylum based game where you’re stuck in a place where the criminally insane were held. You’ll have to be a detective a figure out exactly what happened in this game. Search for clues and solve the mystery while getting glimpses of the past.

Watch the Outlast Trailer

These were my top 10 picks for the scariest games of all time. I hope you all enjoyed the list and choose to give some of these a try. If you get a chance to play a couple let me know what you thought about them and your experience while playing the game by leaving a comment below.

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