The Best Smartphone for Seniors

Technology changes fast and it can make it difficult to find the best smartphone for seniors. Most new smartphones are not geared towards seniors or the elderly. To be honest if the grandparents or seniors you know are like the ones around me they don’t care for all the extra gadgets.

The best smartphone for seniors is one that has some awesome features, but at the same time doesn’t over crowd the phone with to much. A seniors smartphone should have a nice balance of technology. Graciously sized keys are also a bonus as well as larger text. Sometimes I think I could benefit from some of these smartphones myself!

Best Smartphone for Seniors





Jitterbug Touch3 Simple and Easy to Use Senior Cell Phone with 1-Touch Medical Alert SOS Button, Large Display$$4 / 5
ICARUS Easyphone 4inch smartphone - black - Easy to use smartphone for seniors!$$4 / 5
Lenovo S8 S898T+ Unlocked Smartphone MTK6592 Octa Core RAM 2GB ROM 16GB 5.3 Inch Android 4.2 IPS Screen 1280x720 13MP GSM Network (Grey+ 32GB TF Card)$$4 / 5

iPhones for Seniors

best smartphone for seniorsWill a senior citizen be able to operate an iPhone? Well yes of course! However it depends on that person if they can operate it correctly and not become frustrated with some of the technology. With smartphones having decently sized icons they’re becoming easier to use. Is an iPhone the best smartphone for seniors? In my opinion not really. Spending the extra money to get an iPhone can often end up being a waste of money. This is because the senior won’t use most of the phones capabilities. There’s nothing wrong with that, but someone could easily save some dollars by choosing a different smartphone for seniors.

Android for Seniors

Due to the fact there’s a lot more options in smartphones when it comes to Android. It makes them a lot better choice for the best smartphone for seniors. Many smartphones such as theĀ Note 4 are more than large enough which makes them easy to see and use.

Android also has wider range of smartphones that can fit any budget. If a lot of the features on a smartphone aren’t going to be used then why pay more for them?

The Ideal Smartphone

The best smartphone for seniors is going to be durable, easy for texting, loud and clear for talking, and have a great camera for pictures. These are the 4 main qualities you’ll want for your senior citizen friend or yourself.

I know the cost of a smartphone today isn’t always affordable. If you need something that fits more into your budget give Cheap Phones a look. They have a wide variety of options and are sure to have something for you.


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