The Best IP Camera Software

In the modern world home security has become increasingly easy to come by. A very popular item for home security are the IP cameras. These cameras are easy to use, can be placed nearly anywhere, and work perfectly for home and office.

One factor of these devices that’s sometimes lacking is the software. We’ve looked for the best IP camera software and there’s some great choices available if you’re needing it. There’s different software that range from just viewing to viewing and recording etc.. Here’s my favorite software.

The Best IP Camera Software

 Foscam Blue Iris Professional Version 4

This piece of software is my absolute favorite among all competitors. It’s the best IP camera software that allows use of up to 64 cameras. That includes webcams, camcorders, IP cameras, PC Desktop, and more. The software can capture JPEG images of the footage and record in standard AVI format, advanced DVR, or the newer Windows Media format.

The software integrates motion detection, audio detection, or can record continuously. You’ll also be able to use e-mail or text message notifications from your camera or even have it call you.

This IP camera software is highly rated among other consumers who have purchased it. You don’t need the Foscam camera in order to use this software. You’ll be able to use a wide variety of cameras with this software and it will work the same.

Matching IP Cameras

If you’re looking for an IP camera to go with the best IP camera software you can use the Foscam brand as well for a matching set. This equipment has great reviews and works like a charm. You’ll be fully protected using these products.

 Foscam IP/Network Camera

This Foscam camera is the best match with the best IP camera software. It can be wired or wireless for your convenience and has great audio quality. All information going across this camera is encrypted to protect your privacy.

This bad boy is also equipped with night vision. You can watch the device from your smartphone and even control it from there. You of course can do the same right from any laptop or desktop as long as you have the log in information.

To make things even more secure you’re able to upload everything instantly to the cloud with Foscam. This means if an intruder finds your computer and steals it all information is already uploaded!

I hope this post was able to help some of you decide on the best IP camera software. It’s something I think everyone should have in their home and office.

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