Tekkit Legends Review

Tekkit Legends is the latest modpack release from Technic themselves. It’s the updated Tekkit version to 1.7.10 of Minecraft. Before I really begin let me start by saying that I like Technic and what they’re offering the community. I enjoy using their website to provide Modpacks to the local Minecrafters and much more, but I think this modpack “Tekkit Legends” missed its mark.

Missed the Mark

Tekkit LegendsTo me and many others “Tekkit” meant space travel. They still have the old 1.6.4 Tekkit with space available, but instead of releasing this as a updated version of the space version of Tekkit they went an entire new direction. It feels slapped together and somewhat sloppy. As if they just wanted to put something out because they haven’t in a while… keep in mind I’m not counting Blightfall as it’s not “created” by Technic.

Tekkit Legends has some tech, but that’s about it. I don’t see this pack really taking off or going anywhere unfortunately.

Technics Next Project

I’m honestly hoping to see Hexxit 2 come out soon! I think a lot of other people are anticipating this modpack as well and are really excited. If you catch CanVox on Twitch he sometimes streams the development of different things.. he last streamed the development of the mod Dimensional Doors.

Lets just hope Hexxit 2 lives up to its reputation and will give us something new and exciting since in my eyes Tekkit Legends failed to do so.

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