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League of Legends: Bronze Life

A day in the life of a Bronzie. It’s probably more interesting than you think. Before I begin this magical journey into the bronze life let me give you a quick cover story of what this is about. This enchanted tail is not only a story, but a glimpse into the soul of every bronze […]

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League of Legends: BOTRK No CD Hack

With all of the new content coming out with League of Legends Pre-Season 5 something has opened a vulnerability to the blade of the ruined king. People are able to spam the use of the item and it doesn’t go on cooldown. This information was leaked earlier today and its already went viral. League of […]

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Season 5 for League of Legends is Here!

Season 4 has come to an end and the new season content is here! I’m very excited for the new map and changes coming our way. Being a jungler myself though I’m not 100% sure how the new mobs and spawn times are going to effect me. However, I think we’ll all adapt to the […]

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