Season 5 for League of Legends is Here!

Season 4 has come to an end and the new season content is here! I’m very excited for the new map and changes coming our way. Being a jungler myself though I’m not 100% sure how the new mobs and spawn times are going to effect me. However, I think we’ll all adapt to the changes and love the game more than ever.

What I like Best Thus Far

So far my favorite changes being made are the graphics of the game. I think they “flashiness” of the game currently takes away from being able to focus on main objectives during team fights. Particular ults make large areas not easy to see and there shouldn’t be that kind of advantage of vision just because your ult is bright and shiny.

They’re blending in a lot of the map as well and making things more clear cut. This is a great idea and will help a lot in gameplay. Here’s a cool map viewing tool they have out at the moment.

Gaining Elo in Season 5

This season I’m really going to focus on gaining elo and rising in the rankings. The highest I’ve ever ranked is Gold 5 during Season 3. I started season 4 really late and wasn’t able to regain my previous position. However I don’t think it’s going to be much of a problem when ranked begins in season 5. If you guys want to follow my climb on the ranked latter make sure to follow me on twitch.

I think I’ll be playing a lot of Shaco this season. Shaco has really became my favorite champion on league. He just fits my personal play style very well. I honestly think that’s key to gaining elo in league. Find a champion that you synergies with well and then learn the in & outs of him. After you think you know all there is to know about that champion just remember there’s always something else to learn.

After finding a champion you love next learn the lane/position that champion excels in. For most champions this is going to be learning to last hit. Remember 25ish cs is equal to a champion kill and creep score can add up really quickly.

My Thought on Elo Hell

I personally don’t think elo hell exists. Also, I think that for people recognizing this will lead to them gaining elo. People have to realize they’re probably at the level they should be at. Once you stop blaming your team and focus on how you can do better then you’ll start to do better. Focus on learning to play proactively and if you make a mistake just admit it and move on. You’ll become a much better player once you start evaluating your own play style. Because we all get games where it’s 4v5 or a team full of toxic ragers. That’s unfortunately a part of the game we must accept.

Here’s a video that I really like from Foxdrop that talks about Elo Hell. Give it a watch and it just may help you become a better player.


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