The Rumor Mill: Microsoft and Silent Hill

Earlier this week, a rumor reared it’s head in the gaming world.  The rumor was that Microsoft was trying to buy the rights to Silent Hill, in order to release the game and make in an XBox One exclusive.

The Deets

silent-hillsThe word “billions” was tossed around, and many gaming enthusiasts pointed out that billions of dollars was not at all uncommon when it came to one company purchasing the rights for an already tried and true series from it’s parent company.  In short, that this could truly be a credible tidbit of information.  Except that the rumor was that they were buying the game, not the series.  The game isn’t worth billions.  Hell, is the company?  Okay, the company might be, event he series, but not the game.  Moving on…

The rumor went on to state that the game was 80% completed, so Microsoft wouldn’t have much left for the game to be ready to release, and that the playable trailer was pulled from Sony’s store in a show of good will towards Microsoft.  That seemed a bit much to me honestly, because pulling a game that oodles of people are waiting for with baited breath when it’s that close to completion seems completely foolish, business-wise.  But then again, I’m not running a company, I’m writing about the company, so what do I know about business.

How Far It Went

Here’s the thing though.  For the, like, two days that this was floating around, it showed up everywhere!  Not just gaming sites, but financial news as well?  Yeah, really.  Forbes wrote a whole piece on how Microsoft should buy not just Silent Hills, but also Metal Gear Solid from Konami.  Why?  Because both series have a pretty solid history and already have a fan base simply waiting for the next releases.  The reasoning is that XBox is lagging in the sales race, Tomb Raider being their exclusive just isn’t giving them the boost that the need.  But, that in conjunction with both Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid?  That might just get people out and in the stores to pick up the XBox One instead of the PS4.  The Forbes pieces seems very well written and researched.  Should you want to read it, it can be found here – Microsoft Shouldn’t Just Buy ‘Silent Hills’ For Xbox, But ‘Metal Gear Solid’ Too

The Denouement

That’s right, denouement.  Look it up.

Anyways, a few days later, someone asked Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer about the rumor on twitter.  He responded pretty promptly, and horror gamers everywhere (that were willing to buy an XBox to play this game) died a little inside:



And there you have it.

It was a short lived, heavily discussed and halfway nice thought wrapped up in an unfounded rumor from an (apparently unreliable) industry source who passed it on to Rooster Teeth, and then the world via YouTube video (still located here, if you’d like to see it – Xbox SAVES Silent Hills? – The Know).  But it was ultimately just that: a rumor.  A false one.  We can all return to our sad, Silent Hill-less little lives now.

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