So, Perfect World… (A Review)

I bring this game up for several reasons, but one in particular being that the graphics aren’t insane.  What I mean to say is that if you aren’t one of those PC gamers that has the disposable income available to blow a wad of cash on a new graphics card every few years so that your games will actually work on your system, something like this works perfectly well and lacks nothing in the way of graphics or story.  My oldest actually installed it on the laptop and it works (no stuttering or choppy graphics, all is well in the world).

Perfect World

There are several reasons that I love this game, first being that the landscapes are really beautiful, and I’m a girl.  I like pretty.  It’s built in the WOW format: MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game for the noobs) with massive maps and oodles of side quests to distract you from the never ending main quest, should you desire.

I started playing this game a while ago and then life caught up with me and I took some time off.  Since it had been a while and they have updated the game since then, I decided to start fresh instead of grabbing one of my other characters.  Plus, the one with the higher level is stuck where she currently is and I got frustrated.

PWEEdit1        PWEEdit2

The character creation screen is pretty straight forward: The class that you want limits your race, since each race can only be one of two things. As you can see to to the left, Elves can only be either Clerics or Archers.  To the right, Nightblades can only be Duskblades or Stormbringers (my character is a female Stormbringer, if anyone cares to know).


Pick male or female, customize your looks (which is actually pretty in depth considering that this game has been around since 2008) and voila!  You are ready to play.

What It’s Like

The game opens with a newbie mode that you have to turn off if you’ve ever played an MMORPG before.  You don’t really need it if you have, but if you haven’t keep it on, it’s super helpful.  This is actually a really good game to get started on, if you’re new to the online gaming arena.

So, first thing you’ll notice (which isn’t really out of the ordinary) is that this game was developed in Asia.  China, if I had to guess by the sounds of the names of the NPCs (Non Playable Character, we’ll get you new guys up to speed yet).  None of the names are Americanized, which is fine, just don’t expect it.  For example, this guy I’m talking to right now is names Wu Izen.  The translations are quite good though, I haven’t run across any glaring grammatical errors in the English, which is important to note because Asian languages grammar is the complete opposite of English.  For example, the verb always goes at the end of the sentence (I’m slowly learning Korean just because, so I get it a bit more than most).  You can see how this would cause some confusion, yes?

I can say this: there are some quests that require thought as to what you need to do.  A few that I ran around so long on that I went and looked up what I was supposed to be looking for on a wiki, but that’s not a majority.  Most are clearly explained, it’s the doing them that might get difficult if you’re not strong enough.

Either way, Perfect World is a pretty solid MMORPG for a noob or for a seasoned online gamer.  Heck, I’ll even play with you if you want.  I like my character this time around, she’s cute and she totally kicks everyone’s butt.  The link for my twitter is in the bio at the bottom, as well as my Google+.  She also has a purple fox as a mount, because winning.

What?  You thought I was kidding when I said I’d play with you guys?  I totally was not…


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