OhGaming News – Modpacks

We at OhGaming love Minecraft and everything about it and I wanted to let you guys know where we’re planning on heading with it in the future. Our current goal with Minecraft is to have what we refer to as an “OhGaming Top 10”. This will be ten modpacks that we fall in love with and continue developing. We don’t want to expand our modded servers past that of 10 due to the amount of work involved with modpacks and we feel that keeping it around ten packs will allow us to focus on them to keep them great without spreading ourselves to thin.

OhGaming Top 10

Once we’ve accomplished our Top 10 there will still be server resets as needed and activate updates so don’t worry about anything going stale because that won’t happen. We have plans to grow larger in the Minecraft community and I believe with the help of you the players this dream will definitely become a reality!

You can find all of our Minecraft modpacks right here on this Technic Forum post.

Whats the Future Hold?

Well we don’t know for sure.. but I’ve got a great idea in mind that could change a lot about the modded Minecraft community. I can’t reveal anything now, but it’s really something special! Other than Minecraft we do have plans on hosting other game servers. It all depends on community demand and such.

Hopefully we’ll find that next gem like Minecraft in the near future. Who knows… maybe it hasn’t been created yet.

Until next time friend… Happy Gaming!

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