Minecraft Handbook Collection

Minecraft Handbook Collection

Coming from a Minecraft community I feel our explanation and input on the Minecraft Handbook Collection is a crucial review for anyone considering buying this set.

If you’re an avid Minecraft player yourself and love to collect gamer related content this is also something I’d recommend.

I have the Minecraft Handbook Collection myself sitting on my display along with other game figures etc..



Minecraft Handbook Collection

This complete set has a very nice trimmed box and includes the construction handbook, combat handbook, redstone handbook, and the essential handbook.

This Minecraft Handbook Collection contains all the necessary reading information you’ll want to know to become the best Minecraft player you can be. This collection is done through Scholastic so it’s reading level is perfect for school aged children as well. If your gamer boy or girl plays more games than reading than this is going to be a great solution to get them to read more.

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4 Books Included

The 4 included books in the Minecraft Handbook Collection are absolutely stunning by design. Complete with great visuals and even better reading entertainment that somehow even makes the provided instructions eye candy you or your child won’t be able to turn away from. If you love Minecraft you’ll love all of these.

Construction Handbook – The construction handbook includes many different tips to help you have a more secure base. The detailed layouts and images will help you visualize what the text is representing.

You’ll also get a lot of tips for making more decorative and elaborate places to live. No more living in the same old square wooden shed for you!


Combat Handbook – The combat handbook teaches you the tips and tricks to taking down the biggest and baddest bosses in Minecraft.

You’ll learn the strategic styles that will allow you to defeat the Wither, Enderdragon, and even other players in combat.


Redstone Handbook – The redstone handbook teaches you how to manipulate the electrical system of Minecraft.

Want to learn to make magnificent redstone creations? You’ll learn techniques that will allow you to scale up into things like actual clocks, rotating bases, batman style entrances, and much more.


Essential Handbook – The book of essentials teaches you the core aspects. Things such as optimized methods of killing skeletons, best survival techniques, and more.

We recommend reading this one first before all the others. This is the foundation for the Minecraft Handbook Collection.

That’s all 4 books included in this collection. Each one is just as detailed and great as the other. These books are great for really anyone that’s starting out, experienced, or just a collector in general.

Great Detail

It’s hard to describe how visually detailed these books are for children. I think this is important to entice children to want to read more. The brightly colored pages that fit the Minecraft theme look amazing. Just by reading these books you’ll feel like you’re apart of the Minecraft world.

Minecraft Handbook Collection

Here’s a quick review from a Minecrafter that’s purchased the Minecraft Handbook Collection.

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