Minecraft for Wii U

We have Minecraft for just about any modern platform that we want to play it on today. We can play on our phones, tablets, computers, and most consoles except Minecraft for Wii U. This was disheartening to a lot of the Minecraft fans that really love the Nintendo series. Personally I think Nintendo really dropped the ball with the Wii U but, to each their own.

Introducing U Craft

U Craft is the “solution” to the Wii U problem of not having Minecraft apart of there game selection. The game is block based just as you might imagine but, also has smoothed edges and a slightly more realistic main character. Not that the graphics make or break a game for me anyways but, it’s still worth mentioning since we’re all going to compare this game to Mojang’s Minecraft.

U Craft is also completely 100% free. Which is a win by anyone’s judgement I would think. There’s just something about free that makes a game worth me spending more hours on. Also, U Craft is claiming to be frequently updated with new content and DLC’s.

Mods are also going to be possible with U Craft. The one mod they display in the trailer is some sort of painter which allows you to place user created artwork into the game. Another thing this painter will allow you to do is create custom textured blocks. Having custom textured blocks you can control might be a win for this game. I’m personally not artistic enough to make something like that work out but, I’m sure many of you avid gamers can think of something amazing.

Official U-Craft Trailer

Player Classes

One dynamic that NexisGames, the creators, are adding to U Craft is classes. There’s currently planned to be 3 total classes at launch. These will be Warrior, Magician, and Engineer. In game there will be gear that only certain classes will be able to wear. Additionally they do plan on adding more classes as the game progresses. I think this adds a very unique aspect to the game and changes a lot of things. It definitely gives it more of an RPG vibe. Nexis Games is really trying to break away from the “clone” stand point and show that they’re going to make this their own.

Online Play

Since U-Craft is going to be a console based game you’re not going to see the 100+ player servers like you do for Minecraft PC. However, they do plan on allowing up to 16 players to join together in multiplayer. The world is also claimed to be “endless” which I’m assuming endless may be defined by the size of your hard drive? The multiplayer gets interesting because it’s more than digging & building together. There are going to be generated bosses & dungeons in the game. A bit different than just coming across a skeleton spawner in a cavern.

Nexis Games

Nexis Games is the creation of Isaiah White. Isaiah currently does 100% of everything for U-Craft. Which is rather impressive. Such a large project for one man from Austin, TX. He’s created a Kick Starter for anyone interested in supporting U-Craft. Different donations of course get you different things. You can even have a likeness of yourself put right into the game!

Ending Thoughts

I think that U-Craft is going to be much more than a Minecraft for Wii U and I think it’s going in a good path. It has a market open to it with Nintendo and I believe it has a good chance to succeed. I’m thinking of making my own contribution to the title through Kickstarter to get OhGaming.org put into the games credits. It would be awesome to have our community information in a game don’t you think? Comment below.

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