Minecraft Bed and Furniture

Build your Minecraft base and then make your room match it! That’s like every kids dream isn’t it? Or should I say any Minecrafters dream.

The problem is finding the actual furniture to make this dream a reality. Finding a Minecraft bed and other furniture is difficult to come across oddly enough.

However with the trained eye and some creativity turning your room into the “base” isn’t as hard as it seems.

Minecraft Bed & Furniture

The core pieces to start your Minecraft room off are going to be the Minecraft bed and chest.

All bases in Minecraft no matter how big or small have these 2 components. If you’re going to want the very best room I highly recommend the Minecraft Chest Storage Block. It’s durable enough to sit on, looks great, and is a essential part of your new room… i mean base!

Putting 2 of these at the end of your Minecraft bed would look absolutely amazing! It’s quite often how I like to put my actual chests in game personally.

Now that you’ve got your chests for your room the next essential is your Minecraft bed. This is probably the hardest piece to find out of them all. After a lot of searching I’ve decided on the Ikea Brunkrissla Duvet Cover and Pillowcases being my favorite.

This Minecraft bed set, though not intentionally meant to be for Minecraft, really reflects the colors and patterns of the game. It reminds me of both Steve and the Creeper of the game. This set comes in any size you may need also.

We’ve covered the two main factors for the room so far. The Minecraft bed and chest are very important, but there’s many other things available to make your room feel complete.

Minecraft Wall Vinyl

Vinyls are a great source for room decor. It’s easy to take off and place back on. Overall just very easy to work with. There’s a couple great options to go along with your Minecraft bed when it comes to vinyl, but I’ll talk about my favorites.

This one of Steve mining is my absolute favorite. I love the 3D look it gives the room and really brings the game to life.

The 3D Mining Steve Vinyl should be a requirement for all Minecraft rooms. The other Steve vinyls are OK, but this is the only one I found which gives the 3D effect.

Not only does the 3D effect make your room look cooler it makes it look bigger. It’s like adding mirrors to the room, but much much cooler.

So, the Minecraft bed represents Steve and Creepers. The storage chest represents the items, but we need something more. How about the Enderman Vinyl? He’s a great character in the game and represents Minecraft in a way that’s right under the Creeper.

This is my second favorite Minecraft vinyl. It’s so cute and adorable! It’s a perfect match to go alongside 3D Steve.

With all of these great options for your Minecraft bed and room what else could there possibly be? Well there’s honestly a lot depending on how far you’d like to go with your room.

Let’s talk about a couple of your other options out there and see what may be best for you.

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Minecraft Bed Designs

Room Accessories

You now have a room that resembles your base, but if there’s anything you feel is missing it’s probably one of these accessories. Your Minecraft bed and world have ores, animals, and torches etc.. Some of which you’d probably like to see in your new room.

Here’s some of the room accessories for Minecraft we found that we think will go best in a gamers room.

This combination set of light up accessories makes for perfect dim lit rooms or great night lights. You’ll have the torch to go on your wall and the redstone lamp for your night stand.

The Minecraft Light Up Torch and Redstone Ore Set Of 2 is reasonably priced as well. If you’re really looking to add those finishing touches this will do the trick.

As the final touches are going into your room you may or may not want to decorate shelf space. I personally enjoy seeing these in rooms and think they’re great. Something like the Minecraft Diamond Steve Vinyl 6″ Diamond Edition Figure goes great on top of surface space.

With all of the above things available to you you’ll be able to create your Minecraft bed & room pretty easily. Share this post with friends and family that’s interested in Minecraft and we’ll help as many as we can find the real life base they’re looking for.


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