League of Legends: BOTRK No CD Hack

With all of the new content coming out with League of Legends Pre-Season 5 something has opened a vulnerability to the blade of the ruined king. People are able to spam the use of the item and it doesn’t go on cooldown. This information was leaked earlier today and its already went viral.

League of Legends: BOTRK No CD Hack

Thoughts on the Preseason Exploit

I think that it’s an unfortunate event but, that’s about all. I trust Riot will be on top of their game and have this resolved as soon as possible. For those using the exploit I do hope to see them get banned and all accounts they’re associated with. It’s pretty cheap to go around using such exploits and ruins the game. May they have fun while they can but, I don’t see it lasting to long.

However, as you can see from the video above this is definitely ruining the current games for players. It looks funny but, what a way to ruin several games for players.


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