What do we know about Windows 10?

That groaning you hear?  It’s every IT geek you hear expressing their annoyance at Windows 10.  No we don’t know much about it, but we know Microsoft’s track record with OS updates and releases.  Remember the huge media presentation where the OS blue screened in front of everyone?  Mmhm, Windows.  Spend five minutes with Linux.  Any version of Linux.  You’ll get what all of us have been saying for years.


Windows 10

An interesting development on Windows 10: After launch, Microsoft will upgrade anyone running Windows 7 or 8 for free.  The interesting bit is that this also includes pirated versions.  They are hoping that by doing this, they’re show everyone the benefits of actually licensing the OS.  So everyone, you have 12 months to not have to pay that $100, mark your calendars.

Another interesting first-time feature, you’ll be able to stream your Xbox console to any windows 10 PCs or tablets.  The OS will be a phased roll-out, with the PC release being this summer and other devices Win10_5following later this year.  All you have to do is sync up the devices and voila!  Some game makers are already taking advantage of this: the new Fable game (no official release date) is already rumored to feature cross platform play.  the screenshots for Fable: Legends look amazing, by the way.  I’ll link to some info about it at the bottom.  They are already taking requests for the Beta, at the top of the page.  Of course I already signed up, silly.

Win10_1The newly released information is that Windows 10 will come preloaded with Candy Crush.  This is a pretty good move on Microsoft’s part in my opinion.  Loads of us have wasted hours of time that we were supposed to be doing something important trying to banish pieces of candy to candy hell.  There are a few other new games that are supposed to be coming as well, but Candy Crush is the only one that has been specifically named.  Interesting timing, since just days ago, King announced a fall in share price.

They’ve also announced that Windows 10 will have Cortana, the Microsoft version of Siri, for the desktopWin10_3 version.  For those who aren’t gamers as well, Cortana is named after the AI in Halo.  The user demonstration shows  that you can use voice commands to queue up music, send emails and retrieve things like search results and the weather.  And for my international people, Cortana knows seven different languages.  So say I want to brush up on my French (Parlez-vouse Français, mon petit pomme… That’s right, I know a little French too), I could maybe issue my commands in French and I’d know immediately if I just told her something confusing.

Last but not least, there is Project Spartan.  I’m trying not to cringe as I write this… Spartan is Window’s replacement for Internet Explorer, the bane of everyone’s existence. Ever.  The initial demonstration shows that Spartan can mark web pages with notes, cut parts of web pages for sharing and has a new mode that takes out all of the adverts for easier reading.  Okay, that last bit is exciting, I’ll admit.

Win10_2The early testing version of the Windows 10 Xbox app was available to members of the members of Microsoft’s Insider Program.  I’ll put a link to the sign up below, plus a few others that you guys might find interesting.  I’m taking an optimistic lookout on this one, or trying to at least.  Here’s hoping that this revamping actually deals with the issues that the OS has created over the years, and makes it something that we’re all happy to use.

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