They Knew Batman: Arkham Knight Was Broken?

Or, that’s the word from the Quality Testers on the game team.  They state that the issues that gamers started reporting almost immediately when the game launched were the same issues that they brought to Warner Brothers months ago, but the decision was made to release the game anyway.  That would mean that this was not a mad scramble over a mistake, but a deliberate release of an unfinished product.  When this product costs around $60 a pop, not too many people are alright with this little reveal.

arkham3The story was actually revealed to Kotaku, by two people who chose anonymity to protect their jobs.  Word is that the game wasn’t shipped to screw people out of their money, but simply because Warner Brother believed that what they had in hand at that moment was “good enough”.  Guys, did no one learn from the Assassins Creed debacle?  They did it twice before they got the picture, it’s no necessary that you do the same here.  I promise.

Anyone watching this unfold has probably been like me, comparing it to a virtual train wreck: It’s horrible, but you can’t look away.  I can honestly say that the day that they pulled the game from Steam had my mouth literally hanging open.  No highly anticipated game has been so broken that they had to simply stop selling it!  I mean… wow.

Fixes… One day.

For those who bought the PC version and weren’t pissed enough to take advantage of Steam’s refund policy, patches have already started.  One minor one was used to take care of a few known crashes, introduce rain effects, and fix a few other issues.  They have also brought Rocksteady back in to help with the fixes.  I feel it important to note that yes, Rocksteady was involved int eh game from the beginning, but on the console end.  They have now been asked to lead the PC end.  After the fallout, and the removal of the game from Steam.  Welcome to PC hell, Rocksteady.

According to Mister Sefton Hill, Game Director and co-founder of Rocksteady Games:


Even worse, according to the sources, the game was delayed so much because of how difficult it was to get it running on the next gen consoles.  QA teams were told to focus on finding bugs and glitches on the console versions, but thousands of PC version bugs were reported.  They simply weren’t fixed before the launch.

Learn From Past Mistakes!

What makes it annoying for fans is that this is not an isolated event with Warner Brothers, this is simply the worst instance.  For example, Mortal Kombat X’s PC port was horrible and patches introduced even more glitches instead of fixing the ones that already existed.  In fact, Steam still has an ongoing thread that keeps an updated list of known bugs and another with instructions on how to force the game to run on all cores, which offers some relief to the graphical issues.  But as several people point out, and I completely agree, none of this is the gamer’s job.  This should have been fixed before that game left the dev studio.

Funny side note, MKX’s port was done by High Voltage Software, which has scrubbed all evidence of the game from their everything!  Their site, their pages, their twitter… it’s all gone.  Odd, huh.

Anyway, as of right now, the latest can be found in the forum, which doesn’t really tell you a lot other than they’re working on it.  They are keeping a Arkham Knight forum posting live with official announcements, to keep gamers in the know as far as what’s going on and when to expect what.  For those who spent the $60 and are waiting for the fix, it might be worth stalking for a bit.

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