Hello there! I'm Crueldog the Manager here at OhGaming. I'm going to help you get set up and installed so you can join our servers. Follow the instructions below and I'll try and get you connected as soon as possible. Welcome to OhGaming!

Crueldog Manager, OhGaming

Step 1: Have a Legit Copy of Minecraft

In order for you to play on our servers it will require a legitimate copy of the game from Mojang. You can purchase and download your copy right here if you don't already have one.

​After your game is installed launch it at least once to install the patches and update your client. If you already owned a copy go ahead and do the same thing and update your game.

Step 2: Update Java & Drivers

Minecraft runs on Java and it's best to make sure you're running an updated version to ensure the game operates smoothly.

You can download Java from here​. Most people will already have Java and you can make sure yours is up to date here. Make sure you're running 64 bit Java.

If you have a graphics card go ahead and update your drivers. For Nvidia there's an auto find feature here.​ For AMD you can do the same here.

Step 3: Download the Technic Launcher

The Technic Launcher is what we use to deliver our modpacks to you. You don't need any knowledge of installing mods when using this launcher. You'll simply select our modpacks, install, and play.

Download the launcher here.​ Once you download the launcher it will ask you to log in. You'll log in using your Minecraft account. Now click "launcher options" on the top right. Under Java Settings make sure it says 64bit and set the Memory to at least 2GB.

Now it's time for you to install the OhGaming modpacks!​

Final Step: Getting the OhGaming Modpacks

Open your Technic Launcher and you'll see a section for Modpacks. In that section you'll see an area called "add a pack or search". Search for OhGaming and you'll see a complete list of all our packs.

You can also see a complete list of our modpacks here.​ Once you've got it on the launcher install the pack by clicking the install button. Once installed the button will turn into a "Play" button.

The rest is history! Click Play and you'll be smoothly guided into our servers and be able to enjoy the best modded Minecraft experience ever!​

Need Help?: If you run into an issue connecting to our servers we offer free support here. Alternatively you can join our Discord and seek assistance in the player to player help text channel.

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