Is YouTube Red Worth It?

Google has created ‘YouTube Red‘ which allows you to get rid of video Ads, download and save videos, and play content in the background with its app. Of course this comes at a price and that’s $9.99 per month. Is it really worth getting? My answer is a quick and simple no!

YouTube Red & The Bottom Line

What Google is trying to do is adapt to a growing number of users who use ad blocker on their browsers. These ad blockers stop video ads, website ads, etc.. Once it’s activated you’ll no longer have to see the annoying ads before your YouTube videos.

This one little type of browser extension is hurting YouTube’s bottom line. When you don’t see the ad then there’s no revenue generated for Google or the YouTube channel it’s playing on. This is not only troubling for YouTube but for the content created by the YouTuber themselves.

An interview with PewDiePie where he basically believes YouTube came out with “Red” for the same reason, Ad Blocker. When we use Ad Block for the videos the channel we’re watching doesn’t make a penny on the content they put out.

Online Advertising Adapting

People have become more and more annoyed by online ads. There’s even a term developed for the website ads called “ad blindness“. We’ve seen so many of them on every single website where now even your average joe knows exactly whats an ad and unconsciously doesn’t recognize them. This means lower revenue because of less clicks.

Since everyone is moving away from the old methods of advertising online Google, and others, will have to find new ways to advertise.

As the online world and its viewers change companies will need to find betters ways to advertise. It’s a major issue right now as it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. All we can do for now is wait and see what happens. Until then… myself and many others still won’t be getting YouTube Red.


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