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Discussion in 'Organized Crime' started by OaksVirals, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. OaksVirals

    Hey guys!

    Organized Crime is here!!!! Yes!

    Become the head hancho drug lord in a demanding economy full of criminals. Will you have what it takes to corner the market on your crops? Will you be able to store enough weapons to hunt people down and also to defend yourself? Join now and find out!

    Platform URL: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/ohgamings-organized-crime
    Server IP: ohgaming2.org


    • Damage Indicators
    • Herblore
    • Chainz
    • Furniture Mod
    • Artifice
    • Better Storage
    • Biblio Craft
    • Buildcraft
    • Chisel
    • Computercraft
    • Diamond Meter
    • ExtraBiomes
    • Flans
    • Industrial Craft 2
    • Thermal Expansion
    • Omni Tools
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • Minefactory Reloaded
    • Project Bench
    • Secret Rooms
    • Useful Food

    Additional Information:
    When you spawn you'll start in the prison where you and your fellow inmates have made a tunnel from the court yard out into the wild. You'll be able to run free at last and begin to become the criminal master mind you know you are!
    A key goal will be to find the city (spawn) yourself as there's no way to get there unless by foot, car, or plane. Once located I would remember where the city because it's your key to survival.
    The world centers around the city hospital not going anymore than 20,000 distance in any direction.
    Get ready to have some fun!
  2. The_Wooton Member

    It won't et me connect, I know the server's up, but it won't let me.
    Everything in it is correct, but still. I know it's not that important, but it's really starting to piss me off
  3. bcg17 Member

    the server has been down for a while i cant connect and it says im still connected on the web site
    (sorry to bother you if you already know)
    EDIT: first post :D
  4. are there any banned items on this server ?
  5. Rhodes777 Guest

  6. Trixualz Member

    I hope you're reading this because i got scammed. I asked people before i traded and they were saying scamming is not allowed
    i have a ton of screenshots with proof that someone stole it
    His name was SteelGrim and GeneralMcspanky1
    steelgrim said he would do 64 copper for 57 iron and he was holding 1 iron which i didn't know of.
    I made sure he wouldn't scam he said he wouldn't because i told him its bannable.
    i throw the 64 copper to him and his friend who was helping him 'Generalmcspanky1' came and took it and ran off.
    he did not give it back and then after a while he was calling me 'bitch' and saying 'succkit'
    please reply so i will post the screenshots on here i just want to make sure that you are actually reading this before i post the pictures.
  7. EvilKilem
    Forum Staff

    they were scamming about scamming, it is allowed, its a PVP server, never trust anyone.
  8. Rhodes777 Guest

    Why does everyone think scamming is a banable offence all of a sudden?!
  9. OaksVirals

    Scamming is not bannable. Please make sure you trust someone before dealing with them. If you don't know them then set up a quick sign shop to sell the item.
  10. Epicspartan21 Member

    Dear OaksVirals,
    I love this server me and my friends blackghost134 and sanloms are becoming the best scammers and sorta the biggest players on the server. I just wanted to leave this post because you are doing some great work on the server and all but..... the server crashes alot and the random tp signs are broken alot which makes it harder for afew people. is there a way for you to fix the crashes? The reason i'm on the fourms right now is because the server is down and i have nothing else to do.
    ~ Epicspartan21, sanloms, blackghost134 A.K.A The Bandits.
  11. kjell inge Member

    ther is a gay cald Zenkman that have cuantum armor and he coms to oer bace and ruins oer stuf
  12. kjell inge Member

    can you ban him?
  13. watchcoolman Member

    It is a PVP and GREIFING server.
  14. jahray Member

  15. Kalgorath Member

    agreed it's down, never been able to connect. lame.
  16. bocaj571 Member

    i tried connecting to the server and it says Failed To Login: Bad Login help plz
  17. __wnh1__ Member

    :( hey i'm kinda a noob. and i just want to say i keep getting lost and don't know how to craft mod things so could you post crafting recipes ?
  18. CEDE2001CRMC Member


    left clikc the material or stuff u want, recipe will be shown
  19. Rhodes777 Guest

    Join OC today! Offering new players enough cash to make bail immediately :)
    Also as per Aero's request here are some thighs:
  20. ondrej008 Member

    WHAT THE?? THERES NO IC2 INSTALLED NOR BUILDCRAFT WHAT THE HECK? the Technic Forums: Buildcraft installed FAKE no IC2! Not working Flans! And please add TC! Tinkers Construct is pretty nice but u need to setup some more shops!

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