How to Buy a Minecraft Server

You’re looking to learn how to buy a minecraft server. This is something a lot of Minecraft players eventually want to do it seems.

May it be for friends and family or for something you hope to grow into a large community one day.

I’ll show you some key factors you’ll need to know before showing you how to buy a minecraft server.

What kind of server?

how to buy a minecraft serverIs your server going to be vanilla with plugins or modded? This is major difference as modded Minecraft servers require a lot more RAM to operate.

If you’re looking to run a vanilla server you can download anything you need to mold the experience of your server from Curse. They have a Minecraft plugin section you can use.

Modded servers use a different launch file called Cauldron. There’s other options out there and some in development such as Sponge, but currently Cauldron is still being used by most people.

Once you’ve decided on the kind of server you’re ready to move onto answering “how to buy a minecraft server”.

How to Buy a Minecraft Server

You’ll first need to find a Minecraft server provider. I highly recommend NeoSync as they have the best support I’ve ever seen in a host.

Also they have very competitive pricing and provide ways to pre-install some of the most popular modpacks on the Technic platform.

You’ll need a credit or debit card or a paypal account to purchase a minecraft server. Also, if you’re not at least 18 make sure you have your parents permission first.

Once you’re on the website┬áhere’s how to buy a minecraft server. Just go to Products –> Minecraft Servers. From there you’ll see a list of available options. Choose the one best suitable for you, but if you’re going with a modded server I recommend nothing lower than the 4072 MB server.

Modded Minecraft

Modded MinecraftIf you’ve chosen to run a modded minecraft server here’s some things that will help you. From my experiences of running modded minecraft I’ve found the best RAM to Player ratio to be 8GB to 80 Players for a server with a decent number of mods.

The best places to search for mods are Minecraft Forums and 9Minecraft. You’ll also need a launch file, but they’ve mostly all been taken offline due to a legal issue originating on Bukkit.

However, if you know where to look you can still find what you need.

Vanilla Minecraft

If you’re going with Vanilla I recommend using Spigot. They’re a more optimized form of Vanilla that can still run all the plugins you’ll want.

You’ll require a lot less RAM for your server, so the pricing is much more affordable as well.

How to Run It

Once you have your server, how should you run it? Ultimately it’s your decision, but figuring out a pattern that works and replicating it is best. If you’re looking to run more than one server eventually that is.

Run your server with respect and treat everyone fairly. To often servers fail because owners bring in bad staff members, don’t treat players right, and give up when something goes wrong.

Learn to use Google to resolve any server crashes you have. This may sound silly, but many owners just won’t Google research an issue to fix it. They want everything handed to them. Don’t be one of those!

If you’re able to do these things I think you’ll be able to make it as a server owner. Good luck to you! Now not only do you know how to buy a minecraft server, you know how to run one.


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