How Does G2A Work?

Asking yourself how does G2A work? Well the entire G2A experience and process is actually very simple. It’s a great company that has helped bring a lot of games to a lot of gamer’s for a really great price.

Those of you new to G2A are often unsure of the business. I get a lot of questions on how trustworthy it is or if it does shady practices. I can tell you from personal experience I’ve never had any issues or known anyone to have any issues with them. I give you all this information here and upfront because it’s often what most people ask me, but lets move on and find out how does G2A work?

How Does G2A Work?

Think of G2A as a business similar to eBay. However G2A’s focus is directly on the world of gaming. Different providers can sell directly on G2A and offer game codes. Game codes is what G2A offers and not a CD copy of the game.

You can also find things like Xbox Live time and other goodies besides games. Everything sold is still game related.

Buy From Someone Trusted

how does G2A work

When you select a game you’re looking to purchase you can scroll down and see a list of available sellers. Think of these sellers as eBay sellers in a since. The system displays the sellers percentage of feedback, how much they’ve sold, the asking price, and what country they reside in. I always choose someone with 100% feedback even if it’s a difference in price. Typically it won’t be a large change in the price anyhow.

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G2A Shield

The G2A Shield is a great protection system just in case the seller doesn’t come through with the game key. It’s typically around $1 to get the shield on top of your purchase. If you’re going for a bigger ticket priced item then it can be worth adding to your purchase.

The great thing is that even after adding G2A Shield you’re still going to be paying less for the game on G2A than you would on steam or another source.

How much can you save?

You can save a lot of money on most game titles. Discounts can range upwards of 80% OFF normal retail price. That’s crazy huge savings and we as gamer’s love to be able to grab a game we love and at an amazing price.

Hope this answered “how does G2A work” and the next time you’re looking for a game stop by the website first and see if you can’t get it at a huge discount. Delivery time only takes a couple minutes and you’ll be downloading your next title with a few extra bucks left to spare in your pocket!

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