Horror Gaming Fans Rejoice : Perception

Maybe there will be something to replace the cancelled Silent Hill.  From the former developers of the smash horror hit Bioshock comes Perception!

The Story

percep2Okay, so here is the premise of the game: You are Cassie Thornton, a blind woman who has been having dreams about a house in the country for months.  You finally find out where it is, and manage to get yourself there.  And there, you are.  Alone, blind, and moving through an old house via echolocation.  Think Daredevil.  That’s the simple version.

A trailer for the game was released for the teeming masses, and I’m going to admit, I was intrigued.  The premise is different that’s what we’re normally used to, and the trailer makes things look like you could really have some new and fresh experiences in this game.  And jump starts.  Yup.  Have a look: Perception Trailer

It’s about four minutes long.  Watch until the end, it’s pretty good.  Though, I will admit, the moths made me jump more than the ending.

The antagonist for our fair Cassie is called The Presence. I’m pretty sure that what was Darth Vadering at the end of the trailer (my oldest said that it was Darth Vader in a hood).  There isn’t a lot known about percep4The Presence at this point, but then again if there was, what would be the point in playing the game?  What we do know is that The Presence is a threat, always opposing you throughout your story.  Your story also brings you to the house at many different times throughout the years, so the layout, the furniture, everything changes.  It’s never the same when you return, not to mention that there are ghosts and other clues all around you to help you figure out what happened at that big, spooky house that seems to be haunting you.

Who’s Making It?

The studio making Perception is called The Deep End Games.  Almost every developer there worked on Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite.  The founder, Bill Gardner, was design director on Bioshock and lead designer at Infinite.  And the story is penned by an urban fantasy novelist and Bill’s wife, Amanda Gardner.

The Deep End Games is looking to find this project via Kickstarter.  The plan is to have the completed gave for PC out on Steam in 2016, with console versions coming at a later date, should the demand and funding be there.  The kickstarter’s goal is $150,000 by June 25th.  As of May 28th, here is where the kickstarter sits:


It looks like there are all sorts of perks for donating different amounts.  You simply pick what you can afford, pledge and get your reward.  Should you like to contribute to this wonderful looking game, the kickstarter can be found here: Perception Kickstarter

My Opinion?

percep3After watching the trailer again, and finding out a bit more about the game itself, I think this game is a bit like the difference between say, American horror and Asian horror.  No?  Okay, horror and suspense.  This game promises some good starts, but this is a mystery.  This is suspense woven in an engaging story.  And it looks really good.

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