GTA: V – Working as a Crew

Since Grand Theft Auto 5 has been released for the PC (finally), I wanted to share my experiences. Specifically share my experience or more like struggles with GTA Online. Before I begin please keep in mind that I maintain a gaming community and both work/play with others on a daily basis. All of which is online and all of our communication is done through our TeamSpeak server (

Sometimes not everyone gets along as is human nature. However we always tend to come back and hang out with each other online. It really is its own version of a “social life” though be it much different. I want to focus on what makes playing GTA Online a struggle at times and for the most part frustrating. Let’s dive in…

Working as a Crew

Since first logging onto the online mode it’s been a wide variance of things happening. The running around shooting players, robbing stores, and the oddly bazaar off-road getaways make the game really fun.

However it’s become more and more frustrating to play with the same group of guys I’ve always played with online. It’s nothing to do with the person them-self, but more of how the games makes you act. It truly brings your inner troll out and it seems most people cannot direct these troll actions towards other players. I mean players other than their own crew.

Each time I’m being killed by my own crew makes it more difficult for me to enjoy the game.

For a crew to work I think they should treat it as such. Work together and not troll each other. Kill other players and protect your own. Do missions together as a team without splitting up. All of these things create better synergy online and everyone playing together gets more out of their game. Especially beneficial when $60 for a game isn’t cheap.

Develop Strategies

Doing jobs and heists with random players is often difficult. You always have someone getting themselves killed or trolling. This is another reason your crew should have communication and synergy.

Have a good strategy going into a mission is not only helpful, but a lot of fun. It’s awesome seeing your plan play out live in game and watching how effective or sometimes not so effective it is. Trying different strategies and working out the kinks is part of the greatness of this game. Placing missions on hard to where you’re required to think it out is also beneficial to your bank account.

Join the Club

GTA Online┬áThe social club is your place to add friends, join crews, and find new people to chill with in GTA. Our crew OhGamingOrg is open for anyone to join. I welcome anyone to come and hang out with us. Join in with our frustrating heists, but in all reality the best guys to hang out with online. You’ll enjoy yourself!

Whats Important

It’s important to remember to just have fun. Don’t get to frustrated and enjoy yourself. It’s just a game after all and we’re all just human.

Come join our crew and play with us. Join our TeamSpeak the password for the GTA Private channel is glock. Have fun!

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