Should Geeks Have Beards?

With no shave November coming to an end a lot of guys are still wondering if they should grow a beard. The answer is Yes! Especially if you’ve never grown one before. It’s one of those at least experience or test it out once things. Just give it a real shot.

Just note it’s going to take some patience. Your magnificent beard isn’t going to grow over night. While your growing though you may want to take the time to pick out a beard style. Do your research because some styles are better than others all dependent on┬áthe shape of your face.

Is it Manscaping?

geek beardBeards & facial hair fit into the manscaping category. Although most guys think manscaping is only for the crotch and it isn’t! Anything you do with any hair other than what’s on top of your head is considered manscaping.

Once you’re on the bearded path and feel comfortable. Manscaping is something you should really begin looking into as well. A growing percentage of women prefer a man that manscapes. Gentlemen remember… the lower the bushes the taller the tree appears.

Beard Facts

Lets take a little time to talk about some amazing beard facts. We geeks like facts and tid-bits so I’ve found a couple great ones that you’ll hopefully like.

  1. It’s a myth that beards grow faster if you shave.
  2. Bearded men are perceived to be: 38% less generous, 36% less caring, and 51% less cheerful than clean shaven men.
  3. Facial hair grows more in the summer.
  4. Men are more likely to have beards when it’s easier to find a spouse. Scientists have speculated that men began shaving in order to make women feel safer.
  5. Scientists believe men developed beards because: They protect their face from the elements, create a more intimidating jaw line, and provide cushion from injury to the face.
  6. 98% of the Forbes 100 list of the world’s richest men are clean shaven.
  7. 33% of men in the US have facial hair. 55% of men worldwide have facial hair.
  8. Facial hair grows faster when a man has not had sex for a while.
  9. Between the years 2008 and 2013, “Beard Transplant” operations had increased by 600% due to beards increasing popularity.
  10. Cultivating facial hair is called Pogonotrophy.
  11. In the middle ages touching a man’s beard was considered offensive and grounds for a duel.
  12. Both men and women surveyed found bearded men to seem: Older, more respected, more powerful, and of a higher status then clean shaven men.
  13. Studies show on average women find a man with a full beard 2/3 as attractive as when he is clean shaven.
  14. The average man spends 3,350 hours shaving in his lifetime.
  15. In 345 AD Alexander the Great forbade soldiers from having beards.
  16. The longest beard ever measured belonged to a Norweigian man in 1927. It was 17.4 feet long.
  17. Abraham Lincoln grew his famous beard after a little girl wrote him a letter telling him he’d look better if he had one.
  18. Beards can help filter out dust and pollen if you have allergies.
  19. In ancient Egypt metal beards were a sign of godliness and status. Some women even wore them.
  20. The percentage of women that like beards is at an all time high and growing.

There you go! Twenty great beard facts that you may not have known.

Hopefully you’ve now decided to grow an amazing beard. If you have join us on our forums and send us a picture! We’d love to see what you’ve accomplished.

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