Game review: Story of Seasons

Have you ever wondered what farm life would be like?

That’s the concept of Story of Seasons, available on the 3DS. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a casual farming/role-playing game, where you live as a farmer and progress through the game at your own pace. Commonly compared to Harvest Moon, it can be considered the newest installment in the series. The older Harvest Moon games never really interested me, but this one somehow drew me in.

When you start out, you have your own farm to use, to grow any spring crop. Your first day is the first day of spring. Each season is 31 days long; when you reach the 31st day of winter, you celebrate the end of the year. As you progress through the seasons, you can plant different types of crops, and fertilize them to improve the quality of them. Profit is made from selling items, whether they be foraged items, food, or things you build. There are also public access fields which you can earn through “Conquest” events. Making a kitchen allows you to prepare dishes to replenish your stamina, and sell them for a higher profit than the price of the crops alone. You can also have a barn and chicken coop, where you can raise different types of animals, such as alpacas, cows, chickens, and angora rabbits. Pet houses are included too, for cats and dogs.

Apart from farming, there is the lifestyle feature. By choosing whether to play as a male or a female, you are also choosing whether you would like to marry one of the bachelors or bachelorettes. Of course, there is the option to stay unmarried, and not pursue a marriage. There are interactions and requirements that lead up to this event, but the events are worth it.

For players who like to customize their farm and do exterior decorating, this game caters to that as well. Vendors that you unlock as you play will sell blueprints for home and outdoor decor. There is a wide variety of items that can be made, as well as the items in different colors.

There is also a multiplayer feature, allowing players to visit other farms, and exchange items as gifts. Story of Seasons is a delightfully simple game, which can be played for long amounts of time. I highly recommend this game to players of all ages.

ESRB information:

Rating Category:

     Everyone 10+ Rating Symbol
Content Descriptors: Alcohol Reference, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violent References

  • Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content (Nintendo 3DS)








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