Enhanced TV Streaming by OhGaming

This is way more than just an Amazon Fire TV Stick...

So, what are we talking about? We are talking about an “enhanced” Amazon Fire Stick. What we have achieved is implemented code & programs into the Fire Stick that allow you to stream content you otherwise could not. Here’s a quick list of what you will be able to stream:

After Your One Time Purchase All The Following Is FREE Forever

  • Any Movie in Theaters
  • Any TV Show
  • Anything Netflix, Hulu, or any other service offers. Including Netflix Originals.
  • All channels you will find on Satellite TV including premium channels such as HBO etc.
  • Free PPV: All your Football, UFC, and other Pay Per View!
  • Even stream your favorite music.

You can easily cancel your cable or satellite service with this single device. You’re talking about being able to save a substantial amount of money every year.

Wesley OaksOwner of OhGaming

Friends and I have been using and testing our "enhanced" Fire Stick and it's absolutely amazing. All you need is decent internet (basically no dial up) and you're good to go. The great thing is it's very mobile as well. You can take this anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection and USB port. Most people pay close to $100/mo for Satellite TV. Why waste that money when you can get it for FREE?

Enhanced FREE TV

Ditch the cable & satellite TV. This is the best thing invented since toilet paper!

Here's what your purchase includes:

  • One Enhanced Amazon FireTV Stick
  • One Amazon FireTV Remote
  • One Power Cable for FireTV
  • One HDMI Extension Cable
  • Quick & Easy instructions on how to use your new device.
  • Unlimited FREE TV: Movies, TV Shows, Pay Per View, Live TV, In Theaters, and much more!

$150 One Time Payment

No credit card required.

set up

Your Fire TV Stick will be registered to an Amazon account that you'll be provided information to!

tv set up
in the box
in box 2

How’s This Legal?

Here’s why this is NOT illegal. You’re not downloading or storing any of this content. Since you’re never in possession of this content and you’re only streaming it you’re not liable.

You are simply streaming the content provided by a 3rd party. The 3rd party which is live broadcasting the content are the ones can be held liable. Which means you’re good to go!

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