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Hey Guys!,

I know you've wanted Force Fields before and now's your chance to actually make it happen. Poopsicle366, is considering porting the mod to 1.7.10 which would allow it to be used on Modern Voltage.

If this interests you then go here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MinecraftMod/comments/4pq5s0/mffs_updating_to_171/

and let him know! Show some support, start a conversation, or just say you'd really like having the mod.

Either way.. it would be a lot of fun to have.

Hey Guys!,

We're going to be resetting the Mystical Realms world very soon. During this time we're also going to be molding the server into a better experience.

I'll begin the process of resetting the world, updating mods, etc.. starting tomorrow, June 8th.

There will be a new pack to download for this revision of the server and this will be announced as soon as it's ready to go live.

The server will be down while we build spawn and complete admin work. The period right after is when we'll be live for everyone.

If you have any suggestions now's the time!
Hey Guys!,

Craft Crazy has been revamped into its new 2.0 version (http://goo.gl/EtXEGn)!

Brand new fresh map, new mods, and updated content. No longer will you get corrupted data if logging out in your Tardis and you'll have a much better playing experience.

This is a fresh start so everything prior was wiped clean. This goes for everyone.

Have fun!
Hey Guys,

The new modpack is now live and ready to play! Here's your link: