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Hey Guys!,

There's enough questions to warrant an announcement on this subject. To clear everything up please read the following.

We are slowly putting all servers on the Golden Shovel claims system and removing Towny. This will take a long time to have it done on all servers as we're only adding it when a server resets etc.

We're using Grief Prevention + Simple Clans to replace Towny as a whole.

Here's some of the reasons we're moving away from Towny:
  • Safe Mode - Towny likes to crash and lock the server down. When this happens no one is able to log in and do anything until it's resolved by Management. Safe Mode also requires a rollback of Towny. When this happens players lose money, lose land claims, and very often items.
  • Protections - Towny doesn't do as good of a job at protecting your base. Not only does it not do a great job, but modded items are more vulnerable with Towny.
  • Town Members - In order to have people in your town they have access to your buildings & belongings. If not you have to do very extensive plot permissions which the majority of players get very confused with.
  • Money - Towny costs you more IGM in the long run. There's upkeep and taxes you have to pay daily or your town falls.
Here's some of the reasons we're moving to Golden Shovel + Simple Clans:
  • No Crashes - these plugins do not crash the server in any way. This means increased server performance, no losing items, no rollback on your land, and no lost IGM.
  • Protections - Grief Prevention is a far superior plugin when it comes to protecting your precious belongings and creations. Just watch the video on their page if you don't believe me.
  • Clan Members - You no longer have to give members of your clan access to your land. You can both be apart of the same clan and keep your land separate, but if you want you...
Hey Guys!,

Business & Bullets is going through a reset at this time. It will still be the city based style server, but with improvements and a couple changes.

This is your time to make suggestions on what you want to see new or different on this release. Reply to this thread with your suggestion.

Hey Guys!,

Here's the link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/oaksvirals-testing-pack.559567

The pack is very Alpha right now. The theme is cartoons.
Hey Guys!,

New Pack Download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/oaksvirals-testing-pack.559567

The new modpack is focused around difficulty for the more experiences minecraft players. Please post any bugs you may find as a reply to this thread.

Suggestions are also welcome.

Hey Guys!,

Out of popular vote we reset Mystical Realms. What would you guys like to see next? There's 2 options to choose from so pick one & leave a quick reply below.

  • Reset a current server with new land etc.. and provide some updates.
  • Come out with something new.