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Hey Guys,

New modpack is open & ready for you. We'll have to replace donor ranks if you had them. Submit a ticket if you did and we'll send it back to you. Please specify which rank you had and date of purchase.

Modpack Link: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ohgaming-wild-west-industrial.894332

Hey Guys,

We will be resetting the Wild West server within the next 7 days. You are more than welcome to make suggestions here that you would like to see on the new release.

We'll do the best we can to implement your ideas.

Hey Guys!,

If you own a shop plot please clear it out by Aug. 28th. We're updating our shop system and anything you want to keep must be removed.

We'll begin updating AFTER the 28th. Anything left in any shop spot will be deleted after that point.

Hey Guys!,

There's been a debate lately on what should be done for Pixelmon's world border. Some say they want a map reset and they claim "everyone" wants one. Others not so much...

So I went on Pixelmon and held a poll with 40 players online and 65% of the votes were to NOT do a map reset.

Instead, I've made a compromise and expanded the world border from 7,000 to 10,000. I plan on extending the map to a total of 15,000 gradually. This being the best of both worlds for everyone.

Hey Guys!,

Seems to be a bit of commotion over mutes & bans. So here's my message to everyone on the subject.

You being muted for "sexual language" or something similar is what the staff is suppose to be doing. This isn't the place to be talking about who's what sexuality, if they like males or females, or whatever. Nothing similar or anything close to it isn't needed.

I've seen a couple of you complaining about being muted for it. How about you leave it out of the servers General Chat instead? If you REALLY want to talk dirty to each other I honestly don't care, but you're going to have to do it in a private chat such as messages, clan chat, etc.

The staff absolutely are not required to give any warnings on these mutes & bans. If you're tempbanned I absolutely would not do anything to bypass it. Mutes are for General Chat. You can still talk to your clan in clan chat for example.

Player Can Hold Staff Accountable:

You as a player have a right and even a duty to hold staff to the same standards. You're absolutely right to be treated the same as all other players. This doesn't mean if you're a constant trouble maker you're going to get the same treatment. If you constantly cause problems don't expect to be treated the same as someone who almost never causes an issue.

If you feel staff are doing something wrong I encourage you to record evidence. Screen shot and build evidence on a staff if you think they're doing wrong. Management (Cruel & Oaks) will make a decision based on information provided via Support Tickets.

The staff gather evidence on trouble makers just the same. They provide us on a constant basis of any bad player behavior. This is their way to prove they're making the right judgement calls.

So hold each other accountable WITHOUT complaining in General Chat, crying in chat, harassing people with messages, and going about...