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Hey Guys!,

We're releasing the modpack "Space Block" very soon. It's a tech & space oriented sky block modpack.

You'll start with just you and your small island and build your way from nothing to conquering space.

This pack will be replacing both Sky High & Space Sauce. If you had a rank on one of these servers it will transfer to Space Block.

Modpack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ohgaming-space-block.901420


In order to provide players with an ETA on support tickets, we've decided to create a Support Status post. The status will be updated daily based on average response times. Please note this is an estimate and not a service time garantee.

Current Support Load: AVERAGE
ETA for new tickets: >48h
Hey Guys!,

We've made a big change to our donation ranks.

We went from Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, and Obsidian options for 9 different servers to a more simplified system. The new system has 3 options and you select the server you want the rank on after picking the rank.

When you log into a server you had a rank for you'll see your tag as (Contact-Support). Please submit a support ticket and we'll adjust your old rank into its new place.

There's also been some special changes to what each rank gets and I think you'll like them:




I hope you'll all love the changes. We're also going to be making other in-game improvements which I hope you'll enjoy. Some you may notice and some minor changes you may not, but either way thank you for supporting OhGaming.
Hey Guys,

Sky High is resetting within 7 days.

I'll be fixing the issue of the super long wait on any reboot and if you have any suggestions for the modpack please make them before the reset.

Hey Guys!,

I'm replacing what was "the hidden modpack" with a public test pack.

Here's how it will work:

I'll announce anytime we're having a public testing here on the forums and open the portal in the main lobby.

These tests will last 1 - 2 weeks each time they're open.

You can vote & leave suggestions to the main thread for the test (like this one).

If there's enough public interest to the "general idea" of the pack we will then make it an official server and do more development to the modpack.


Current Test: Cartoon Themed

Your Download: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/ohgaming-public-test.898418

Leave suggestions below if you like it and vote above.