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Hey everyone,

In order to resolve a few issues, Space block will need a reset.
Crucibles have been banned, as they are one of the main reasons we need a reset.
The reset will occur on November 25.

A VAULT Has been set up in spawn world, so players may bring over 1 chest of items.
(Vip+ and MVP get a doublechest).
As for the content, you can bring whatever you want, but if your items glitch, you aint getting a replacement.

In order to claim your vault room, Ask a moderator or an admin to set up one for you.
If you can't get a hold of one, make a ticket or ask on Discord.
You can find the area by going to spawn, and looking behind your back. Follow that way.
Note: It is VERY IMPORTANT That you set a home in your vault room, otherwise you wont be able to return! Vaults will be accessible until the reset.

Anyone caught glitching or accessing someone else's vault will be BANNED!
Hey everyone,

As you might have noticed, Mystical Realms is no longer popular and often even empty, so we will be replacing it with something else.

I would like to give an opportunity to the players, to see which kind of modpack they'd like.
Please reply below, with any ideas you might have, and we'll work with the ideas you guys submit.

Hey Guys!,

I’m stepping down as owner of OhGaming and letting Crueldog take my place. I’m doing this because I feel that for OhGaming to continue growing it’s time for someone with new ideas to step in and take over.

I’ve had a great 5 years and I will continue to support Crueldog as he takes over. I’ll be filling a role as council & founder. So, you’ll still be seeing me around.

In the past year, I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of OhGaming, what’s best for it, and judging myself. It’s often hard to step back and judge yourself and decide you may not be the best person to move forward with something you originally started.

Crueldog has the knowledge, the know-how, and has been with OhGaming for a long time. He’s the absolute best candidate to take over this operation. Please wish him the best!

As a community, we need to continue developing and moving forward. Cruel will lead the future of this community and you’re going to see some great and amazing things from him. Constant fixes, updates, and new things to enjoy.

To everyone that’s been with me for so long I appreciate you. You may even see me in game as a player. Could be interesting…

Until then, have fun and I’ll see you around.
Hey everyone
I'm just writing this to invite everyone to wish a happy birthday to a very special friend of mine, OaksVirals!
I hope you have a wonderful day! Treat yourself and enjoy your birthday!
I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future of OhGaming.

Before you think I’m considering closing OhGaming, I am not.

I am however greatly considering reorganizing the operations of this network. I use to dream of having 10 hugely popular modded servers. Coming to a more realistic realization I think going to a “core 5 servers” might be the best move going forward.

We can downsize our dedicated servers from 3 to 1. This would not only save us a good amount in operation costs per month, but will also be enough RAM to operate 5 servers, a lobby, and bungeecord.

At the same time we’ll be able to have more staff on each server and it’ll lower the work load on support tickets. It’ll really lower the work load everywhere.

The 5 servers I’m looking to keep are Wild West, Pixelmon, Space Block, a hardcore PvP server, and City Living like Organized Crime. I believe these 5 styles of servers make for a very good variety and will become easier to manage. We’ll be able to actually show more attention to the servers. Giving them the TLC they need.

We’ll be moving servers to the dedicated server we’re keeping within the next 30 days. Downtime shouldn’t be to long for each server.

I would love to hear your thoughts & suggestions that will be helpful moving forward.