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Hey everyone!
You have been very impatient to this, and to be honest, I am very excited too.

Great progress has been made on the server, and I am proud to say that I have finally a release date.

Organized Crime 4 Will be pre-released on THURSDAY February 9th (for M+ and Tester VIP holders) (Submit a ticket to be added on the whitelist, by Wednesday at the latest)

Organized Crime 4 Will be released to the remainder of the players on FRIDAY evening, February 10th.

What will be functionnal:
- Mines (Noob Mine, Outer Mines, VIP Mine)
- Hotel (for starters!)
- Appartments
- Slums
- Houses
- Shops in the mall
- The Jail! (Of Course! :p)

What may or may not be functionnal:
- Custom plots (May be enabled on the weekend following the release)

Here are some of the mods that are included:
- Psychedelicraft
- Mekanism
- Thermal Expansion, Dynamics...
- Applied energistics
- CustomNPCs (for drug dealers!!!)
- Flan's mod with 3D guns (you guys have bugged me alot to get those 3D guns)
- OpenComputers

Some Snaps...

One of the appartments:

Dangerous Mine...:

VIP Mine:


A Mcdonalds, some CUSTOM Plots!, and some towers..:

Well, the maintenance to fix the issue that lobby was kicking you didnt go as well as expected.
Everyone's UUIDs changed, and it sees everyone as a new player.
What this means is that everyone's ranks are gone, but more importantly, everyone's claims are locked, and you cant access it.

Here is what we should do.. Please vote.
Hello everyone,
Tomorrow at 5PM EST, WW will be doing a change to bypass the lobby issue.
This will cause ALL Inventories and Enderchests to be reset.
Be sure to place your items in your claim before that time!
No compensations will be given for those who lost items.

You have said it clearly in the polls, you want something different than Mystical Realms.
So I'm seeing today what you guys want so we know how to line up the work.

Please take a minute to choose a choice below.
Hello everyone,

In an effort to give a voice to the players, I have decided to submit an official poll to see what you guys want.
Should we just reset MR and remake a new spawn*?
Should we redesign MR* (review the mods)?
Should we drop MR and make another kind of pack?

*In any situation, Thaumcraft is being removed as we want the server to be part of the network (i.e. You join via the lobby like our other servers. This will make banning and ranks much easier to maintain).

If the third option wins, a new post will be made with a new poll for which kind of pack you guys want.

The poll is open! (But think twice as you may not change your vote once sent!)