Fangirls Unite! Supergirl Series coming to CBS.

It’s always awesome to see a female lead in a geek-tastic role that doesn’t involve boobs popping out of her top and a brain in her head that she actually uses.  The Supergirl series has some serious potential here and I truly can’t wait to see what they do with this idea.

Supergirl BackgroundSupergirl3

First, just like Superman, she has a name: Kara Zor-El.  Some assume that she Is Clark Kent’s sister, but she isn’t.  She is actually his cousin.

Supergirl first showed up in 1959, long before most people reading this were probably born.  She was a pretty regular fixture for years until a decision was made that her story had become too cluttered and that the focus should be more on Superman as the last son of Krypton, and she was killed off in 1985.  Since then, others have used the alias over the years in the Superman story, but none of them were actually Kara.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Kara wasn’t the first Supergirl, she’s just the one that was the official.  First was a Lois Lane dream while she was in the hospital.  Second, a Super-Sister emerged as a vessel to teach Superboy to respect women.  And finally third, Jimmy (photog at the Daily Planet, friend of Clark) wished Supergirl into existence, but she was fatally injured protecting Superman and wished back out of existence.

Supergirl4Supergirl Series

So, CBS has green lit the series, we got that.  The lead has already been cast as Melissa Benoist, with blond hair.  She’s most likely best known as Marley on Glee.  It’s worth noting that Dean Cain and Helen Slater have been cast in the show, but in unspecified roles.  If you remember, Dean was Superman in the series Lois & Clark: The Adventures of Superman from 1993 and Helen Slater was Supergirl in the movie from 1984.

The producer has been revealed to be Greg Berlanti.  Okay, so that might not mean much on first glance, but Greg has been around for a while.  He’s worked on Dawson’s Creek, Everwood, Political Animals, Arrow and The Flash, all of which did very well in their time and some that are currently still doing well.  So much so, that Greg is now titled a “super-producer”, so that is an excellent look for our beloved Supergirl and her series.  Director Glen Winter worked on Smallville, as well as The Flash and Arrow, so yet another tick in the yay column.

The current word is that the show will be part of the 2015-2016 season, so we won’t have to wait long if that is true.  I personally cheer whenever a solid female lead debuts, but this is a character that I’ve known about my entire life.  This is someone that every geeky girl has always loved!  That’s a lot to live up to, but if they can pull it off, this show will be record breaking.  Hollywood always seems to underestimate how many girls there are out here who want characters like Supergirl.  Let’s hope this is the start of something new.


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