Fallout 4: Bethesda’s E3 Presentation

June 14th was a big day at E3.  Bethesda gave their first ever E3 presentation, showcasing the much anticipated Fallout 4 and let me tell you, it looks amazing.

Easing Into It

The initial showing was the trailer.  Nothing much new there, but the concept art displayed during the presentation was spectacular.  It was clear that a lot of time, effort and care was put into this game, and it shows.



The Gameplay

The character builder is what wowed most of us fans watching.  It’s shown as you and your wife in the bathroom mirror.  Then you simply click a part of the face and mold it. The options are endless.  They only showed us a few, but they were awe inspiring.


It’s the same tool that the devs use to create the NPCs, so there are no sliders to manage here.  Simply mold it the way you want it and voila!  You’ve got a character.  Now, what they showed in depth was with the male character, the one from the trailer with the dog at the end.  However, it was also revealed that you can play the game as the wife of the couple by simply switching to here there in the mirror and molding her face the way you want it.  Whoever you leave the menu with is who you play as in the game.  Either one is available.  The couple also starts out with an infant.  The baby’s characteristics are generated according to the faces that you create, not a stock baby.

So, the game starts before the fallout.  You’ve got a house, a family, a Codsworth.  All is as it should be.


Vault-Tek comes calling right on time, assuring you that your family has already been cleared a space in the vault, minus your robot.  Then he stated he just needs to verify a few things.  This is where you set your personality and such:


You are tending to the little crying one, when Codsworth calls to your from the living room.  The TV news is reporting nuclear detonations, and just as the news anchor seems to grasp the severity of the situation, the sirens start the blare.


One of you grabs the baby and you take off running, along with every other person in your neighborhood, to the vault.  And just as you reach it, the unthinkable happens.


Bethesda chose to cut here for a bit, not wanting to give too much of the story away, but summing it up to say that you survive, get lowered into the vault and somehow emerge 200 years later.  You are the only one in that vault (vault 111) that survives.  This is what you survive to emerge into.


Bethesda stated their desire for this to be as free playing as possible.  They wanted large, open-world and user driven.  You can go where you want, build your character the way you want and do what you want.  They’ve even kept conversations free.  According to the Todd Howard, Game Director of Bethesda, “You can play it in first person, you can play it in third person.  You can walk away whenever you want… shoot him in the face if you want.”

It’s at this point that we meet your faithful companion from the trailer, affectionately dubbed as “Dogmeat” by the internets.  There’s a whole champagne going, begging Bethesda not to have an I Am Legend moment, hash tagged with #SaveDogMeat


Dogmeat also takes commands.  You simply point the target to something and tell Dogmeat to grab it, and he will. And, for the first time officially, Bethesda confirmed that yes, the game takes place in the ruins of Boston.


Watch It!

The gameplay that Bethesda dedicated to Fallout 4 is about thirty minutes long.  This summary only covers  ten minutes of it.  It looks absolutely worth the time to set aside some privacy and watch it, so for allow me to point you to the gameplay footage, and the trailer, should you not have seen it already.

Even for those who have never played any of the others, take a look.  You might find your new favorite series.

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