Death Note: Is America Going To Make It Suck?

I hope not.  Let’s just say that.  Because there is no way I would begin to say that I totally think that they won’t.

Hollywood has been trying to make this movie on and off for years.  Zac Efron spoke about it during an interview several years ago, saying that he had a desire to play main character Light Yagami.  I personally don’t think Zac has it in him to be as dark as Light is after he turns to the dark side, but that’s just me… Moving on.

Back to the Roots

It was announced earlier this week that the movie now has a script writer and a director.  Adam Wingard, who also directed American horror film You’re Next, has signed on to direct and Jeremy Slater, who worked on the new Fantastic Four reboot and The Lazarus Effect.  So, the two people that have been confirmed show promise, but here are the real questions: Are they anime fans?  Are they going to take all of the Japanese elements from the story line and Americanize it (because quite honestly, I don’t think it’ll make any sense anymore if they do that)?  Will it get stuck in Hollywood Hell like the Cowboy Bebop American movie, which has been supposedly in the works since 2009 and has now lost Keanu Reeves as its Spike?

Death Note seems to be having a revival of sorts, so perhaps that will help push the project past any roadblocks here in the states.  They’ve recently announce that Death Note will be getting a live action drama series starting in July (in Japan, of course), and it also has a stage musical about to start its run in Japan before moving to Korea for its run with a Korean cast.  L is going to be played by crazy popular pop group member Junsu in Korea.  Should you be interested in seeing a bit of what’ happening there, he just released a video of him in character, singing one of the songs from the play.  Google Junsu and Death Note, it’ll come up, trust me.

However, nothing has been said of who they are thinking about hiring to play any of the characters, or how they are going to handle Ryuk.  Japan’s live action used computer animation to keep him very similar to the animated rendition, which seemed to be fine for some and awkward for others.  Then again, he is a 7 foot forever shinigami with bat wings, crooked eyes and pointed teeth (think, a talker Joker, who has been possessed) who is in love with apples.  How do you make the not-awkward?

Death Note Anime


Either way, the prospect of this happening is exciting, even for those of us who think that America will ruin it.  Maybe they won’t, and it will be awesome and bring a whole new fan base around to the wonderful that is Japanese anime and manga.  Or, maybe they’ll cast someone too pretty and too nice and everyone will walk out mid-movie.  You can never tell around here.

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