Console Wars – Playstation 4 VS. XBox One

Anyone who has been console gamer for a while knows that you have two choices when it comes to a new generation launching.   One, you stand in line all night and are one of the first ones in line to drop a boatload of money on something that is probably chick full of bugs and will have to be patched or replaced completely within the first year.  Or, two, you wait about six months for the price to drop, the major bugs and glitches to be patched, the overheating fan to be replaced in the newer boxes and all that, THEN you buy it.

For the record, I am type two.  So now that’s it’s been a bit since the new consoles released, it seems safe to take a look at them side by side.



VS4      VS3

This will be quick and easy, trust me.

The Playstation is smaller, more aesthetically pleasing to most.  The Xbox is a box.  Yup.

Xbox also still has that secondary heavy power supply box that runs between your unit and the wall, that you never know where to put because frankly, it’s just in the way.  Playstation plugs into your wall.

I’m not hating on either console, trust me.  I currently have an XBox 360, a Playstation 2 and a 3DS (that’s the kiddos) in my house.  We are well rounded gamers, not biased.


Does it work?

Here’s something I found interesting.  There are reports that the Xbox One’s power button from the controller doesn’t always work.  Or, the home screen won’t load, and you essentially have to reset the system and restart to get everything going again.  Considering how long we’ve been at this console game, that should not be something that people are dealing with (especially not for the price that we pay for these things).  What’s up with that, Microsoft?

I also find it odd that the Xbox seems to lose when it comes to the chatting, social parts of gaming.  The 360 was stellar at it, but it seems like all of that has been dropped.  The group chats die randomly (reset box), you can’t send voice messages



VS2When I first saw the new Playstation controller, I thought it was an interesting choice for the update to what has become the classic design.  But, does anything use that big ‘ol touch pad on it?  I mean, it’s been long enough for more game to use it, but I don’t really think any do.  If that’s the case, it’s just in the way, and for those of us used to the select and start buttons being there, we’re going to hit that a lot by accident.  That’s annoying.

The Xbox controller doesn’t look to different from the last incarnation and that’s fine with me, honestly.  It fits well in the hand, the buttons are where I expect them to be, I don’t hit something by accident.  Bravo on this bit, Microsoft.



VS5      VS1

Okay, so I immediately have an issue with the Xbox menu.  It’s packed with things I don’t care about, instead of perhaps the apps I’ve installed, or the game I have in the drive, and it is ever-changing.  That makes it a bit of a pain to find things sometimes.  It is also formatted more for the voice and gesture commands, a huge selling point for the box.  Makes sense right.  Except when I spend fifteen minutes watching my sister and my nieces jump up and down in front of the camera, yelling voice commands at it before giving up and just walking over there.

To me, the Playstation’s opening menu seems more streamlined and simple.  And not in a bad way either.  It means I can find junk.  That’s good.



Xbox One has the Windows 10 update coming.  You can read last week’s article if you’d like to know about my skepticism over that.  Because Windows.  But, if it works, it could be a huge boost to the console, since it sounds like it’ll bring some awesome capabilities to the box.  There are also a few not-specified console exclusive games coming.  Those are always a huge gamble to me, because that better be one wicked bad-ass game if you want me to blow $400 on your console for it.  But I digress…

Playstation has some firmwear tweaks coming, such as the ability to suspend your game and come back to it later where you left it and higher streaming rates.

Both have the headset virtual reality thing coming out, plus streaming services and TV services for each box, though I don’t think that one is necessarily better than the other.  Just different in that respect.  You can find out more about the Sony Headset over here – Hands on: Project Morpheus review and a bit more about the firmwear updates over here – The latest PS4 update finally lets you suspend/resume your games

I can’t seem to find anything about a hands on with Oculus, which I find odd.  I planned to give both, but I apparently can’t give you both sides of this equation.


Personal Conclusion

My kiddo gamers and I had a long discussion about this, months ago.  We decided on the Playstation 4.  Initially, it was because my oldest wanted the new Kingdom Hearts, and at initial announcement it was Playstation exclusive (that has since changed).  Now, we just like the system better (that scene above with my sister and my nieces?  Yes, it actually happened).  I’m not saying don’t get the XBone, I know several gamers who have it and love it.  Do a little research, ask around and make your own decision.  We’ve made ours.

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