Computer Monitoring Software Reviews

Are you looking for some computer monitoring software? There’s many options available online, but you want to be careful on what you download. Especially due to malicious content that a lot of the “free downloads” in this category often have. In order to get what you’re looking for you will have to spend a little money. However, most of this software is relatively cheap!

What To Look For

You want to look for software that has a suite of options available to you. You’ll want options like keylogger, chat monitoring, internet monitoring, and some of you may also want parental controls. Software like this is good for catching the cheating spouse, monitoring your childs activities, and unfortunately can be used for malicious activity. I’m not one to judge so, whatever you use it for let’s find you something that’s going to get the job done!

My Recommendation

I recommend theĀ Family Cyber Alert, because it offers everything you need for any situation. The software is marketed for parental control and will get the job done better than any other software. However, you can use this software to monitor any computer you’d like. It can run in the background in “stealth mode” and e-mail you the information you set it up for.

It has the best computer monitoring software reviews online!

Click Here to Check Out Family Cyber Alert

There’s also a couple more options out there and I’ll show those to you. Just keep in mind Family Cyber Alert has the best computer monitoring software reviews. These others have decent reviews as well, and will definitely get the job done. Just take a look below!

Your Other Options

These options below are good secondary options. I’ll show you some that will be direct download which is a pretty good feature. Also, some of which will be on a jump drive! So, for those of you needing something quickly mobile then you’ll have an option or two to look through.

I’ll display each options computer monitoring software reviews as #/5 display so, you’ll see how previous customers rated the item. These reviews will be from multiple resources across the internet and not just from one source. Also pricing will be done by $ between 1-4 dollar signs. This comparison will be how pricey the product is compared to its competition.

Product Image
Product Name
Download Available
Just Caught OnlineYes$3.5/5
Watchful EyesYes$4/5
Protective ParentYes$3/5
RetrieverNo, but mobile$$$4.5/5

Stealth Mode

The last thing I’d like to mention about these computer monitoring software reviews that I don’t see them mentioning is stealth mode. Stealth mode is not always toggled on by default for a lot of these programs, so please make sure to check your settings after set up. Because there’s no point in running the software if you’re going to announce your presence. Remember… stealth mode on!

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