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GTA V Online: Bans for Everyone!

So, Grand Theft Auto 5 finally released its PC version.  I know people who had the console version and still bought the PC version too.  The main reason that many wanted a PC version?  Mods.  That’s the main reason most people want PC versions (Did you see the Thomas the Tank Engine dragon mod for […]

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A Review: 2012’s Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs… You may ask yourself, why is she talking about a game from 2012?  Why?  Because the game isn’t played as much as I think it should be, because it is wicked awesome. Wicked.  Awesome. A Short Version Review Where else can you see someone get chopped in the shoulder with a meat cleaver […]

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Minecraft Skin Editor

The Best Minecraft Skin Editor

So you want to make your very own minecraft skin using a minecraft skin editor. You can actually edit a minecraft skin directly in something like microsoft paint. Though microsoft paint isn’t going to be the best solution. You want a real minecraft skin editor! Minecraft Skin Editor I’ve used a minecraft skin editor many […]

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Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2? Yes Please!

I found the release and feedback of last year’s Watch Dogs to be very intriguing.  There was no gray area in the reactions that I saw, either in the media or in person.  You either loved it or you hated it.  No one said “Oh, it was alright…”  So to see the development studio exec […]

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Konami: Fall of a Gaming Love Affair?

When word of Konami cancelling the new incarnation of Silent Hill hit on April 27th, I’ll admit I was completely floored.  Silent Hill is a wildly popular horror series, and after putting so much of their fan base into suspense and dare I say, fear, with moves earlier this year that weren’t really fully explained […]

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minecraft adventure maps

10 Awesome Minecraft Adventure Maps

Minecraft adventure maps have become a very popular thing in this block based world. They give you a unique play through that’s tailored to you. Minecraft adventure maps are somewhat mini-games in there own respect. Some are designed to lead you on a magical journey, some reflect other popular games today, and others just a […]

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League of Legends

League of Legends: Bronze Life

A day in the life of a Bronzie. It’s probably more interesting than you think. Before I begin this magical journey into the bronze life let me give you a quick cover story of what this is about. This enchanted tail is not only a story, but a glimpse into the soul of every bronze […]

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Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Release Date

Are you a Call of Duty fan that cannot wait to get into the action? Black Ops III is set in a futuristic battlefield which brings many new aspects to the game as each title does. What makes  COD Black Ops 3 different are its unique weapons, perks, and of course the zombies! I don’t […]

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5 Cool Minecraft Seeds

Cool Minecraft seeds are everywhere! There’s so many great choices out there that it’s hard to narrow down to 5 seeds we deem the “coolest”. Fortunately players around the world share their experiences and finding with us all the time. We’ve seen plenty of great seeds online and some shared right on our Minecraft Forums. […]

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GTA: V – Working as a Crew

Since Grand Theft Auto 5 has been released for the PC (finally), I wanted to share my experiences. Specifically share my experience or more like struggles with GTA Online. Before I begin please keep in mind that I maintain a gaming community and both work/play with others on a daily basis. All of which is […]

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How to Buy a Minecraft Server

You’re looking to learn how to buy a minecraft server. This is something a lot of Minecraft players eventually want to do it seems. May it be for friends and family or for something you hope to grow into a large community one day. I’ll show you some key factors you’ll need to know before […]

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Nintendo announces new system!

Almost three years after the Wii U made its way into the gaming world, Nintendo has decided to release another system. The news of the new system was revealed of us on March 10th during a press conference where Chief Executive, Satoru Iwata states:”As proof that Nintendo maintains strong enthusiasm for the dedicated game system […]

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