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minecraft seeds xbox one

10 Epic Minecraft Seeds For Xbox One

  The best Minecraft Seeds for Xbox One seem to be hard to find. We’ve done quite a bit of research looking into what seeds are the best and offer a lot to the player and their friends. Oddly enough there seems to be a limited selection online which really convert into a good Minecraft […]

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minecraft how to train your dragon mod download

Minecraft: How to Train Your Dragon Mod Download

A lot of you guys have been going crazy for this new “how to train your dragon mod” in Minecraft. Just in case you’re wondering you’ll need Minecraft Forge to run the mod and it’s running on the 1.7.10 version of Minecraft at this time. How to Train Your Dragon Download Without further delay here’s […]

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minecraft pe the game

Minecraft PE The Game of Forever?

Minecraft PE the game of forever? The mobile edition of Minecraft has been very successful for a very long time. It continuously tops the charts for both iOS and Android. Though it’s been on that list for some time it’s still the top paid app! That’s very impressive! It means Minecraft is going to be […]

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Mafia III is Officially Announced

So, Mafia 3 was announced last week.  I’m pretty sure there weren’t a lot of people out there that were as happy about that as I was.  Honestly, I don’t know too many gamers that gave the game a chance.  I did, and it was amazing.  I adored that game, although I got stuck on […]

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Story of Seasons

Game review: Story of Seasons

Have you ever wondered what farm life would be like? That’s the concept of Story of Seasons, available on the 3DS. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a casual farming/role-playing game, where you live as a farmer and progress through the game at your own pace. Commonly compared to Harvest Moon, it can be considered […]

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Microsoft’s E3 BrightSpots

Rumors about what Microsoft was going to announce in regards to its console have been swirling around for weeks.  On Tuesday, Microsoft confirmed the biggest ones. Main Points Microsoft announced at it E3 presentation on the 9th that yes, there would be a 1 TB box for sale, and yes, there would be a redesigned […]

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YouTube Gaming: Twitch Clone or Not?

Back in the day, before Twitch launched in June of 2011, gamers who wanted to perhaps preview a game, see some play footage or simply liked to watch someone else play went to YouTube to get their voyeuristic gaming fix.  Gamers like PewDeePie, Markiplier and Cry flourished while also giving both YouTube and smaller, indie […]

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Horror Gaming Fans Rejoice : Perception

Maybe there will be something to replace the cancelled Silent Hill.  From the former developers of the smash horror hit Bioshock comes Perception! The Story Okay, so here is the premise of the game: You are Cassie Thornton, a blind woman who has been having dreams about a house in the country for months.  You […]

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The Rumor Mill: Microsoft and Silent Hill

Earlier this week, a rumor reared it’s head in the gaming world.  The rumor was that Microsoft was trying to buy the rights to Silent Hill, in order to release the game and make in an XBox One exclusive. The Deets The word “billions” was tossed around, and many gaming enthusiasts pointed out that billions […]

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The Witcher 3: These Are Not The Graphics You Seek

So, this has been interesting to watch unfold. Gamers, while completely in love with the new Witcher, have pointed out a marked difference in the actual graphics of the game, and the graphics of the gaming trailer shown  two years ago at the VGX game awards show.  CD Projekt Red, the game’s developer moved reasonable […]

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The Big Reveal – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate So, in case you were busy during Tuesday morning’s new  reveal (for instance, I was at work and upset about it), I spent all day bookmarking everything that Ubisoft put out over the course of the day to go through for all of you!  I also pre-registered for the reveal, so I […]

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So, Perfect World… (A Review)

I bring this game up for several reasons, but one in particular being that the graphics aren’t insane.  What I mean to say is that if you aren’t one of those PC gamers that has the disposable income available to blow a wad of cash on a new graphics card every few years so that […]

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