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minecraft gifts for kids

30 Amazing Minecraft Gifts for Kids Birthdays

We’ve got one amazing line up of Minecraft gifts for kids. This is your one stop where you’ll find that perfect gift for a very special kid that loves Minecraft. We’re going to cover a lot of different options for you so to help guide you to the right spot make sure to use the […]

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best projector under 500

The Best Projector Under 500

When many people imagine finally owning their dream home, everyone always wants a big back yard, a pool, and of course, a living room with a big TV and amazing surround sound.  Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re the star of the latest action movie?  Why stop at a big flat screen TV, though?  […]

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best projector under 200

The Best Projector Under 200

Get yourself the very best projector under 200 for those special events, birthdays, or even just for great home entertainment. Maybe those events and birthdays don’t apply to your situation and you need it for a classroom? Either way we’ve dug deep and researched the 5 very best projectors we know will work best. The […]

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best router under 100

The 10 Best Routers Under $100

There’s plenty of options when it comes to routers but, what’s the best router under $100? We’ve done the research, the grind and have found ten routers that will do you justice. These routers are built for high performance on a budget. We made sure they are time tested so they’ll last you a long […]

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Gaming Laptop Under $1500

Best Gaming Laptop Under $1500

Finding the best gaming laptop under $1500 is important for a gamer on a budget. As a gamer myself I know it’s sometimes difficult to be on a budget and want all the best things under the hood of your computer. However, we’ve searched around and have found the absolute best gaming laptop under $1500. […]

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Best DJ Controller Under $300

The Best DJ Controller Under $300

No matter if you’re just starting out as a DJ or are experienced in this field we all know DJ equipment isn’t always cheap. We’ve found the Best DJ Controller Under $300 along with a couple similar controllers which you’ll like. We’ve done our research and these DJ controllers are the best in the market in […]

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The Ultimate Home Automation Solution

//NOTE: I don’t know how to make spaces in between sorry. A sudden sound interrupts your dreamy state of morning. You open your eyes slightly and see your shades gradually opening letting the sun’s rays remind you of a new day. After you come to your senses you realize the bedroom speakers are playing your […]

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best way to clean ipad screen

Best Way to Clean iPad Screen

Are you looking for the best way to clean iPad screen? I’ve heard of people using a wide variety of products to get this job done, but a lot of them can harm your device in many different ways. Some people don’t know about how certain cleaning chemicals are harmful for your screen and iPad. […]

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best radar detector under $200

The Best Radar Detector Under 200 Guide

The best radar detector under 200 have always been hotly debated pieces of technology. In fact, they are so controversial that many countries around the world have made it illegal to even own them.  Fortunately for most residents of the United States, radar detectors are only illegal in Virginia and Washington DC.  If you are a […]

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gaming monitor reviews

Gaming Monitor Reviews

Good gamers become great with great equipment at their fingertips. I’ve got the gaming monitor reviews you’re looking for. I’ve compiled the best gaming monitors you’ll come across that will take you to the next level of any competitive play and give the heavy gamer an edge. Each of the monitors we’ve reviewed below display a […]

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best ip camera software

The Best IP Camera Software

In the modern world home security has become increasingly easy to come by. A very popular item for home security are the IP cameras. These cameras are easy to use, can be placed nearly anywhere, and work perfectly for home and office. One factor of these devices that’s sometimes lacking is the software. We’ve looked […]

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Reducing And Unplugging Your Cable

Looking to unplug that expensive cable TV?  There are quite a few options out there, some well known and some not so much, but let’s take a look at the three most popular and weight the pros and cons. Google’s Chromecast First, let’s point out the this is probably the most inexpensive option out there. […]

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