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The Ultimate Home Automation Solution

//NOTE: I don’t know how to make spaces in between sorry. A sudden sound interrupts your dreamy state of morning. You open your eyes slightly and see your shades gradually opening letting the sun’s rays remind you of a new day. After you come to your senses you realize the bedroom speakers are playing your […]

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Konami: Alleged Horrid Working Conditions

In the never ending saga that is Konami, last week brought a story that gave new insight into the company.  Allegations have surfaced in regards to the working conditions of those there that paint the misery that is imposed. According to Nikkei, a reputable Asia-focused English-language publication: Cameras that are located in certain hallways are not there […]

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Mafia III is Officially Announced

So, Mafia 3 was announced last week.  I’m pretty sure there weren’t a lot of people out there that were as happy about that as I was.  Honestly, I don’t know too many gamers that gave the game a chance.  I did, and it was amazing.  I adored that game, although I got stuck on […]

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Story of Seasons

Game review: Story of Seasons

Have you ever wondered what farm life would be like? That’s the concept of Story of Seasons, available on the 3DS. For those unfamiliar with it, it’s a casual farming/role-playing game, where you live as a farmer and progress through the game at your own pace. Commonly compared to Harvest Moon, it can be considered […]

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best way to clean ipad screen

Best Way to Clean iPad Screen

Are you looking for the best way to clean iPad screen? I’ve heard of people using a wide variety of products to get this job done, but a lot of them can harm your device in many different ways. Some people don’t know about how certain cleaning chemicals are harmful for your screen and iPad. […]

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Famed Comic Artist Tom Moore Passes Away

Tom Moore, one of several beloved artist for the timeless Archie comics, as well as Underdog and Mighty Mouse has passed away at the age of 86. The Archie Years (Please note, the Archie shown here is the current rendering, as Archie is about to release a new comic) Archie and his gang of friends […]

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smartpixel game recorder

SmartPixel Game Recorder

All you future YouTubers and video recording gamers pay attention! SmartPixel game recorder is a great piece of software you can use to record your gameplay and even edit it. You can use the software 100% for free and it’s the best software I’ve experienced on the market. It feels a gap for a lot […]

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best radar detector under $200

The Best Radar Detector Under 200 Guide

The best radar detector under 200 have always been hotly debated pieces of technology. In fact, they are so controversial that many countries around the world have made it illegal to even own them.  Fortunately for most residents of the United States, radar detectors are only illegal in Virginia and Washington DC.  If you are a […]

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twitch vs youtube gaming

Twitch Vs YouTube Gaming

Hello streamers everywhere! So, which service will you be using once YouTube Gaming is in full force? There’s some controversy over this topic. Especially if you’re already partnered with Twitch as they don’t allow you to monetize your stream anywhere else. The Future of Streaming The streaming world is going to change when Google get […]

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gaming monitor reviews

Gaming Monitor Reviews

Good gamers become great with great equipment at their fingertips. I’ve got the gaming monitor reviews you’re looking for. I’ve compiled the best gaming monitors you’ll come across that will take you to the next level of any competitive play and give the heavy gamer an edge. Each of the monitors we’ve reviewed below display a […]

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best ip camera software

The Best IP Camera Software

In the modern world home security has become increasingly easy to come by. A very popular item for home security are the IP cameras. These cameras are easy to use, can be placed nearly anywhere, and work perfectly for home and office. One factor of these devices that’s sometimes lacking is the software. We’ve looked […]

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They Knew Batman: Arkham Knight Was Broken?

Or, that’s the word from the Quality Testers on the game team.  They state that the issues that gamers started reporting almost immediately when the game launched were the same issues that they brought to Warner Brothers months ago, but the decision was made to release the game anyway.  That would mean that this was […]

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