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The Rumor Mill: Microsoft and Silent Hill

Earlier this week, a rumor reared it’s head in the gaming world.  The rumor was that Microsoft was trying to buy the rights to Silent Hill, in order to release the game and make in an XBox One exclusive. The Deets The word “billions” was tossed around, and many gaming enthusiasts pointed out that billions […]

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Uber’s Privacy Policy Update Is A Doozy

In my humble opinion… Someone at Uber is on some heavy stuff and it has severely impaired their judgement. What I’m Talking About Okay, the new thing is the update to their security policy that’s slated to roll out on July 15th.  The update will allow Uber to track your whereabouts, not simply when you […]

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Bloodstained and its Amazing Kickstarter

Okay, let’s talk about this whole scenario, because it really is interesting considering the whole Konami/Hideo Kojima issue that unfolded.  (I wrote about it a few weeks ago, but in case you missed it, you can read it here – Konami: Fall of a Gaming Love Affair?) First, Koji Igarashi Igarashi was a developer on […]

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Console Wars – Playstation 4 VS. XBox One

Anyone who has been console gamer for a while knows that you have two choices when it comes to a new generation launching.   One, you stand in line all night and are one of the first ones in line to drop a boatload of money on something that is probably chick full of bugs and […]

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What do we know about Windows 10?

That groaning you hear?  It’s every IT geek you hear expressing their annoyance at Windows 10.  No we don’t know much about it, but we know Microsoft’s track record with OS updates and releases.  Remember the huge media presentation where the OS blue screened in front of everyone?  Mmhm, Windows.  Spend five minutes with Linux.  […]

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The Simpsons: Trouble In Cartoon Paradise

  The Simpsons Earlier this week, The Simpsons went through a huge change that could change the way the show runs in a very important way.  It has already been picked up for seasons 27 and 28, but will continue on without a very major voice actor on the show, Harry Shearer. Harry has been a […]

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The Big Reveal – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate So, in case you were busy during Tuesday morning’s new  reveal (for instance, I was at work and upset about it), I spent all day bookmarking everything that Ubisoft put out over the course of the day to go through for all of you!  I also pre-registered for the reveal, so I […]

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Fangirls Unite! Supergirl Series coming to CBS.

It’s always awesome to see a female lead in a geek-tastic role that doesn’t involve boobs popping out of her top and a brain in her head that she actually uses.  The Supergirl series has some serious potential here and I truly can’t wait to see what they do with this idea. Supergirl Background First, […]

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GTA V Online: Bans for Everyone!

So, Grand Theft Auto 5 finally released its PC version.  I know people who had the console version and still bought the PC version too.  The main reason that many wanted a PC version?  Mods.  That’s the main reason most people want PC versions (Did you see the Thomas the Tank Engine dragon mod for […]

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Death Note

Death Note: Is America Going To Make It Suck?

I hope not.  Let’s just say that.  Because there is no way I would begin to say that I totally think that they won’t. Hollywood has been trying to make this movie on and off for years.  Zac Efron spoke about it during an interview several years ago, saying that he had a desire to […]

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Black Ops III

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Release Date

Are you a Call of Duty fan that cannot wait to get into the action? Black Ops III is set in a futuristic battlefield which brings many new aspects to the game as each title does. What makes  COD Black Ops 3 different are its unique weapons, perks, and of course the zombies! I don’t […]

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Do you even cosplay?

People from all over the world and from all sorts of fandoms love to cosplay. It’s becoming more and more of a popular activity and not a come and go fad. The best thing about cosplay is gives you the gateway to becoming your favorite character. May it be from Marvel, League of Legends, or […]

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