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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

Have you heard about VR or Virtual Reality? It’s a new technology that allows you to view in 3D, 360 degrees! Youtube has the feature for the videos that have been shot in 360-degree view, all you need is a compatible phone and browser, then you’ll need a google cardboard or a more solid glasses […]

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Should Geeks Have Beards?

With no shave November coming to an end a lot of guys are still wondering if they should grow a beard. The answer is Yes! Especially if you’ve never grown one before. It’s one of those at least experience or test it out once things. Just give it a real shot. Just note it’s going […]

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YouTube Red

Is YouTube Red Worth It?

Google has created ‘YouTube Red‘ which allows you to get rid of video Ads, download and save videos, and play content in the background with its app. Of course this comes at a price and that’s $9.99 per month. Is it really worth getting? My answer is a quick and simple no! YouTube Red & […]

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Why You Should Use Discord

If you’re considering making the swap from Teamspeak or another voice chat program to Discord let me tell you why that’s a great idea. Discord is currently a start up company in Silicon Valley, CA. You know… where every other tech start up starts in the United States? Well they’re currently backed by investors and that’s […]

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how does g2a work

How Does G2A Work?

Asking yourself how does G2A work? Well the entire G2A experience and process is actually very simple. It’s a great company that has helped bring a lot of games to a lot of gamer’s for a really great price. Those of you new to G2A are often unsure of the business. I get a lot […]

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Hexxit II

Technic’s Hexxit II Coming Soon!

A much anticipated official Technic modpack is coming! The Hexxit II modpack is being welded as we speak, but we’re unsure of the actual release date. We’re excited at OhGaming for the release of this new official modpack and will be replacing our current pack “Mystical Realms” with Hexxit 2 when it’s released. Why Replace […]

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Tekkit Legends Review

Tekkit Legends is the latest modpack release from Technic themselves. It’s the updated Tekkit version to 1.7.10 of Minecraft. Before I really begin let me start by saying that I like Technic and what they’re offering the community. I enjoy using their website to provide Modpacks to the local Minecrafters and much more, but I […]

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OhGaming Top 10 Modpacks

OhGaming News – Modpacks

We at OhGaming love Minecraft and everything about it and I wanted to let you guys know where we’re planning on heading with it in the future. Our current goal with Minecraft is to have what we refer to as an “OhGaming Top 10”. This will be ten modpacks that we fall in love with […]

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Konami: Alleged Horrid Working Conditions

In the never ending saga that is Konami, last week brought a story that gave new insight into the company.  Allegations have surfaced in regards to the working conditions of those there that paint the misery that is imposed. According to Nikkei, a reputable Asia-focused English-language publication: Cameras that are located in certain hallways are not there […]

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Famed Comic Artist Tom Moore Passes Away

Tom Moore, one of several beloved artist for the timeless Archie comics, as well as Underdog and Mighty Mouse has passed away at the age of 86. The Archie Years (Please note, the Archie shown here is the current rendering, as Archie is about to release a new comic) Archie and his gang of friends […]

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smartpixel game recorder

SmartPixel Game Recorder

All you future YouTubers and video recording gamers pay attention! SmartPixel game recorder is a great piece of software you can use to record your gameplay and even edit it. You can use the software 100% for free and it’s the best software I’ve experienced on the market. It feels a gap for a lot […]

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twitch vs youtube gaming

Twitch Vs YouTube Gaming

Hello streamers everywhere! So, which service will you be using once YouTube Gaming is in full force? There’s some controversy over this topic. Especially if you’re already partnered with Twitch as they don’t allow you to monetize your stream anywhere else. The Future of Streaming The streaming world is going to change when Google get […]

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