Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Release Date

Are you a Call of Duty fan that cannot wait to get into the action? Black Ops III is set in a futuristic battlefield which brings many new aspects to the game as each title does. What makes ┬áCOD Black Ops 3 different are its unique weapons, perks, and of course the zombies! I don’t know about you guys, but I know my wife is going to want this game for the Zombie mode alone.

November 6th The New Black Friday

Black Ops III

Black Ops is Treyarchs version of the series and probably my favorite version out of them all. Black Ops tends to pull things together in a way that feels natural and right when it comes to this first person shooter.

The trailer for the video reveals a lot of the different things you’ll be doing. Check it out!

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Pre-ordering the game gives you beta access to play now. I really like this method for pre-orders instead of releasing content that’s pre-order only. A good move on their part as a lot of the gaming community is now heavily against “pre-order content”.

Do you think Black Ops 3 will top the charts?


At the current time most of what’s going to be in the game is pure speculation. However, here’s some things I think will be in the game based off the trailer.

AI in Multiplayer – From the footage it looks like there’s going to be game modes where you’re not only fighting the enemy team, but also combating artificial intelligence with no allegiance. This could be a lot of fun and add a unique aspect to different game modes. For example team deathmatch where there’s a separate kill streak reward system obtainable by killing AI. Domination where the AI is fighting against you as well etc..

Combat Suits – Like it says “you are the weapon”. Looks like you may be able to have a unique combat suit you can change just like selecting your own weapons. I don’t know if you’ll be able to select your own weapons plus your suits or maybe it’s not as configurable. Either way having different sets of combat suits would be really awesome!

Vehicles – Are they finally introducing real vehicles? We’re use to playing games that allow vehicles in combat and it’s time Call of Duty re-introduced some to the series.

Double Jumps – Looks like we’re keeping the double jump feature and the mobility of the previous title. This is OK, but I’m honestly not the biggest fan of crazy mobility in Call of Duty. Bursts of speed or something would be alright, but I think it’s to much to be double jumping every where.

No Knife? – Melee combat looks to be hand to hand and no knife. Looks to have the same affect though.

Take Control of Machines – In the video you’ll see someone take control over a small flying machine. Could there be a perk to take control of someones kill streak? Would be interesting, but if that’s the case hopefully streaks are easier to get so they’re more frequent.

The Bows Back! – I’m really excited about this, but the bow is back! I really like this secondary weapon and am very happy to see it back in Black Ops 3.

Zombie Mode – Of course we have Zombies! It’s Treyarch! There’s a large following that enjoy playing Zombie mode. It’s a great game mode with a lot of fans. Zombies adds a good bit of extra content to the title and gives you more bang for the buck.

Pre-Order Black Ops 3 Beta Access

Treyarch is allowing beta access for pre-orders. Sick! I’m pre-ordering the game for my wife and hopefully we get into the beta access. From what I can tell a lot of people are going to get to experience the game during beta.

If you’re a super Call of Duty geek then I highly recommend you pre-order this title.

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