Braille Printer & Books for the Blind!

It all started when 13 year old Shubham Banerjee got a flyer asking him to donate money to help the blind.  He had a science fair coming up so, he decided to try and create a braille printer.  The current braille printers cost upwards of $2,000 and he wanted to make something more cost efficient.  So if someone has a blind family member and wanted to send them a braille Christmas card they could afford to do so.

Shubham was able to create a full functioning braille printer from just a Lego set! Shubham believes this printer can help the blind all around the world. This opens the possibilities to have braille books printed, cards, letters, and much more.

Shubham and his braille printer
This is Shumbham in this picture holding his braille printer made from Legos.

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What will it cost?

The finished product will cost the consumer $350 to purchase. A lot more affordable than its $2,000 competitors. The printer can print A – Z with an average print time of 7 seconds per letter. This time it takes to print is going to be his main set back in my opinion.

However, if his project takes off hopefully we’ll start to see some speed improvements. Speaking of money Shumbham’s father is his main financial backer for his project. His father took out a loan for $35,000 to fund his sons creation!

This is the prototype of the braille printer.

Final Thoughts

The current prototype is a huge step up from his first lego version and I think he’ll improve the design as needed. Shubham had a chance to quit school and focus on advancing with his incredible invention and only at the age of 13. His parents were very proud of him when he answered with “its an after-school thing”

In the future I can’t wait to see where Shubham ends up with his project. It’s just my opinion but, I think he’ll make some major technological advancements for us in the future.

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