best radar detector under $200

The Best Radar Detector Under 200 Guide

The best radar detector under 200 have always been hotly debated pieces of technology. In fact, they are so controversial that many countries around the world have made it illegal to even own them.  Fortunately for most residents of the United States, radar detectors are only illegal in Virginia and Washington DC.  If you are a […]

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twitch vs youtube gaming

Twitch Vs YouTube Gaming

Hello streamers everywhere! So, which service will you be using once YouTube Gaming is in full force? There’s some controversy over this topic. Especially if you’re already partnered with Twitch as they don’t allow you to monetize your stream anywhere else. The Future of Streaming The streaming world is going to change when Google get […]

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gaming monitor reviews

Gaming Monitor Reviews

Good gamers become great with great equipment at their fingertips. I’ve got the gaming monitor reviews you’re looking for. I’ve compiled the best gaming monitors you’ll come across that will take you to the next level of any competitive play and give the heavy gamer an edge. Each of the monitors we’ve reviewed below display a […]

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best ip camera software

The Best IP Camera Software

In the modern world home security has become increasingly easy to come by. A very popular item for home security are the IP cameras. These cameras are easy to use, can be placed nearly anywhere, and work perfectly for home and office. One factor of these devices that’s sometimes lacking is the software. We’ve looked […]

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They Knew Batman: Arkham Knight Was Broken?

Or, that’s the word from the Quality Testers on the game team.  They state that the issues that gamers started reporting almost immediately when the game launched were the same issues that they brought to Warner Brothers months ago, but the decision was made to release the game anyway.  That would mean that this was […]

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A New Mutant Has Entered The Ring – Caliban

So, let’s talk about next May’s X-Men: Apocalypse for a moment. When the last X-Men movie went off, and they showed him in the after-credits scene, I freaked out.  Every adult in the theater freaked out!  Every kid was like… whaaaa?  Kids, please, do your geeky research.  Sheesh. Who Is He Now, director Bryan Singer has revealed […]

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Facebook Messenger Without The App

Facebook has decided to untether their messenger app from their Facebook program, providing those who wish to have that stupid bubble pop up in the middle of everything all the time on your phone or tablet the opportunity to experience this joy without the full data hog that is the Facebook app. I’m sorry… … […]

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Reducing And Unplugging Your Cable

Looking to unplug that expensive cable TV?  There are quite a few options out there, some well known and some not so much, but let’s take a look at the three most popular and weight the pros and cons. Google’s Chromecast First, let’s point out the this is probably the most inexpensive option out there. […]

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Fallout 4: Bethesda’s E3 Presentation

June 14th was a big day at E3.  Bethesda gave their first ever E3 presentation, showcasing the much anticipated Fallout 4 and let me tell you, it looks amazing. Easing Into It The initial showing was the trailer.  Nothing much new there, but the concept art displayed during the presentation was spectacular.  It was clear […]

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Batman: Arkham Knight’s E3 Info

Batman: Arkham Knight’s mind blowing trailer was revealed during Sony’s E3 presentations.  And if you guys didn’t see it, it’s all over YouTube, on various gaming site’s channels.  Go watch it.  Seriously, it’s worth it. For those who just want to know that happened, allow me to help you out. * SPOILER ALERT *  (for […]

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New Hitman Announced at E3

One of the other, completely exciting things (at least for me) that happened during the E3 Sony conference was the reveal of a new Hitman.  I love Agent 47, he’s right up there on my fangirling list with just about anything Assassins Creed.  Except for those two games in that short, dark period.  You know […]

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Rest In Peace, Sir Christopher Lee

Last week, we marked the passing of an extraordinary man and actor in Sir Christopher Lee.  Because of who he was and what he did for a living, a lot of his life was known.  Instead of being sad, let’s take a look at how incredible he was while here with us. His Life Sir […]

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