The Big Reveal – Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate

So, in case you were busy during Tuesday morning’s new Assassin’s Creed reveal (for instance, I was at work and upset about it), I spent all day bookmarking everything that Ubisoft put out over the course of the day to go through for all of you!  I also pre-registered for the reveal, so I got the special fan pack that they sent out.  My phone makes the eagle sound every time someone texts me now.  It’s awesome!



Anyway, onto the important stuff.  First, the game setting is London, right at the end of the Industrial Revolution.  There are two main characters, twin brother and sister pair, Jacob and Evie.  The game play footage (which I will link to at the end of this article) is Jacob running, scaling buildings and fighting.  Evie does make an appearance, but not as a playable character.  I’m not saying that she isn’t playable!  Just that she isn’t played during the game footage.  Ubisoft has confirmed, however, that Evie is playable.

Even in the short cut scene that we see, it’s obvious that Evie and Jacob are two completely different people.  Jacob is more impulsive.  More the type to walk into the room and throw a punch, then kick everyone’s butt.  Evie is more strategy and planning a stealthy way to get it done.  But, she does seem to be there for Jacob and his shenanigans, either way.


What’s to Love?

I love the gang war element.  One of the few things that I disliked about Revelations was the whole tactical, defend your base thing that happened if you didn’t have a master assassin in the base of the area that the Templars were trying to regain.  In fact, that was the only part of that game that I didn’t care for.  I was hoping that wasn’t something that was going to happen in this incarnation, and it looks like they didn’t.  I prefer this big fight option, since I’m usually pretty good in a fight.

There are some new weapons in Syndicate, some that we see in the game play video, such as the rope launcher (think rope arrows in Thief, except without a bow).  It makes climbing buildings quicker and easier, as well as creating lines from building to building, thereby avoiding streets and guards.  There are also carriages that can be used to zip through the boroughs of London.  You can actually jack them from NPCs, kind of like Victorian GTA.

A Few Changes

I liked the stealth changes that I saw in the game play.  When Jacob was made to go into stealth mode, he removed his top hat and slipped on his Assassin’s hood and hunched over a bit, making himself more inconspicuous.  There are still the norms, like ducking into cover and such for the traditionalists.  I like that the game play seems to move much faster, and that the Templars aren’t standing on the sidelines waiting for you to dispatch with their friends before they take a shot at you.  It’s more realistic, more than one will attack and you will have to deal with more of them at once.  So you literally need to watch your back at all times.  Even while engaged.


This isn’t even close to everything, this is simply an overview, but I’ll link to some good sources and videos for you all.  It looks super exciting and I really can’t wait for it to release in October.

Last but not least, note that Syndicate will not come out on last gen consoles.  It will only release on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.  Consoles release October 23rd and PC releases sometime in the fall, no solid date has been given for that.

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