The Best Projector Under 200

Get yourself the very best projector under 200 for those special events, birthdays, or even just for great home entertainment. Maybe those events and birthdays don’t apply to your situation and you need it for a classroom? Either way we’ve dug deep and researched the 5 very best projectors we know will work best.

The great thing about projectors is how portable and easy they are to set up. Anywhere with an outlet & flat wall you have an ideal environment for your projector needs. We personally love projectors for the gamer’s needs. Playing with friends on a huge screen or running tournaments where you need a large display. There’s just so many great uses and when you’re on a budget you need the best projector under 200.

The Best Projectors Under $200



5 Star Rating

DBPOWER Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector4.3
Crenova® XPE600 Portable HD Projector4.0
FastFox LED LCD Projector 2600 Lumen4.2
Sourcingbay PRJ-BL20-B HD LED Projector Cinema Theater4.2
Digital Galaxy DG-747 HDMI SVGA LCD Projector4.1

These awesome projectors were chosen based on their image quality, life expectancy, and ease of use. Factors we consider to be the most important for the consumer. Our process is based off consumer reviews, online research, and some of these projectors we’ve tested in person.

It’s important to note these projectors may be the best projector under 200 but, they still have there own unique features. This may make a particular one of these better for you than the others. So just in case we’ve broken down the components of each of these projectors in a section below.

Reason to Own a Projector

Who wouldn’t want to own a projector is the real question! There are just so many uses for these things that they’re becoming more of a standard part of home entertainment. If you don’t know what I mean as soon as you own the best projector under 200 you’ll understand. Projectors are great for gamer’s during hang out time.

Invite a couple friends over for a LAN party and use the projector for your games. It’s a much better gaming experience. Have family movie night? Change the entire experience with a projector! Especially if you get a projector with 3D capabilities.

That’s not even scratching the surface of your options with a great projector. Depending on your career field a projector can have even more handy uses. Teachers & Professors can use it in classrooms, lawyers in a court room, or use them in a business meeting. All of the projectors on our best projector under 200 list are very portable and easy to move around.

Breaking Down These Projectors

The DBPOWER Portable Multimedia Mini LED Projector will fit right in your hand. It’s one of the most portable projectors on the market right now. Don’t let its size fool you however because this projector packs a big punch!

This HD projector supports 1080p and has keystone correction to adjust to your screen or surface. The screen adjusting capabilities on this model are really great. It’s one of the bigger bragging points from current owners.

The Crenova XPE600 Portable HD Projector is an ideal option for home theaters. This projector can easily connect to your iPad, phone, or other devices to play directly what’s on your devices screen. You could almost think of it as a big Chromecast from Google.

This projector can be mounted on the ceiling as well. It also has a long life time of 20,000 hours for the bulb so you could run it for about 2 and a half years without turning it off! I know that no ones going to run it that long without turning it off but, it gives you a good idea how long one bulb will run you.

The FastFox LED LCD Projector is your great “all around” projector. If you don’t have any special needed functionality than this is probably your best option. It connects to all standard devices as you would want. Your laptop, digital camera, dvd player, game console, etc. will all connect to this projector.

It’s the best option on our best projector under 200 list for those that just want something that works and does an amazing job. The only reason I wouldn’t go with this projector is if you’re looking for 3D display or if you need a display larger than 60″ inches. That’s the one drawback for this device is the 60″ inch screen size maximum.

The Sourcingbay PRJ-BL20-B HD LED Projector is a great HD portable projector. It’ll sit easily on your coffee table or on your bedroom dresser. Heck you can even sit this one on the floor and angle it as the ceiling! Makes for a great bedroom projector or great for playing a movie during a sleep over.

It’s another great all around option but, a little more portable than our last projector. It includes your standard remote and connections. There’s no special functionality for this model but, it’s a great projector that I personally have owned for years. Coming from experience I know it will last you a very long time.

The Digital Galaxy DG-747 HDMI SVGA LCD Projector is capable of displaying a massive projection. What do you think about a movie on a 200″ inch screen! Yep, that’s what this bad boy can do. It also lasts 20,000 hours like the projector we talked about above. This one is a slightly older model but, if you don’t need it connected to your phone than it won’t be a problem. This projector still has all standard connections so your computer etc.. can be connected to easily.

This is like the “mega movie” option for the best projector under 200. I really want to get this one myself and put up a major outdoor screen to use it on. I could make my own personal drive thru theater!

Don’t be Afraid of Portable!

best projector under 200Surprisingly I’ve found a lot of people are afraid of the smaller more portable projectors. They seem to fear that these projectors won’t put out the same quality image as there larger counterparts.

This is absolutely not the case. Don’t forget that technology changes fast! Just google what a very old computer hard drive use to look like VS the ones we have today. A smaller projector is capable of outputting the same quality image.

Sometimes it isn’t capable of doing a projection the same size though. You’ll have to read the projector details to know that. The best projector under 200 list has projectors of very similar qualities. Although some may be very small & portable they still provide a very great image and experience.

Our Conclusion

No matter which of the 5 best projectors under $200 you choose I know you’ll be happy. We’ve thoroughly researched and tested to make this post and this list for you. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. Also share this with friends! You never know you might help find a great projector by simply sharing this on Facebook.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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